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Monday, February 25, 2013


Rehabilitation efforts on 500 mi.² of northern Nevada rangeland scorched by wildfires is being undertaken by several wildlife conservation groups and mining companies (1). In an article from Idaho, Wildfire NOTD subscriber Ray Rasker, Chief Economist at Headwaters Economics, discusses their latest study about the cost of wildfires as more homes are built in wilderness areas of that state (2); while Wildfire NOTD subscriber Chris Mehl, Communications Director at Headwaters Economics, discussed the same situation in Montana (3). Winds from an approaching cold front prompted wildfire warnings in Austin, Texas (4); and timber downed by Hurricane Sandy is a wildfire concern in Pottstown, Pennsylvania (5). A spokesperson for the Florida Forest Service discussed the ongoing drought in Lake County, along with the consequent wildfire danger it poses, in the next article (6); followed by one which focused on the impact of wildfires on bird communities in South America's Amazon rainforest (7). Fire crews struggled to get equipment to a 70-hectare bushfire burning near Auckland, New Zealand (8). As backburns helped to contain a 32,000-hectare bushfire burning in Victoria, Australia's, Victoria Valley, fire officials cautioned property owners in the Grampians to remain vigilant (9); and a 50-hectare bushfire near Tallarook is also being brought under control (10); even as Corryong honored a Department of Sustainability and Environment firefighter killed battling bushfires in the state's Alpine region earlier this month (11). Awards were handed out to courageous firefighters who battled bushfires outside of Coonabarabran, New South Wales, last month (12); while new technology is being harnessed to improve bushfire warnings on South Australia's National Emergency Alert system (13). Fire officials in Western Australia fear that windy conditions could reignite a 30-hectare bushfire near Glen Forrest (14); but the bill for last month's bushfires in Tasmania has topped $5 million and continues to grow (15). And finally, for those who enjoy flight simulators, our last item discusses where to get a Conair DC-6 Air Tanker, such as the ones used to fight Canadian wildfires, for the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004!

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