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Friday, June 18, 2010


First up in wildfire news today, CAL FIRE reported a small wildfire near Menifee in Riverside County (1); while firefighters in northern San Diego County had a small blaze to deal with near Borrego Springs (2). San Diego Gas and Electric's controversial backcountry power cut was in the news again (3); and the director of CAL FIRE commented on the late start to California's wildfire season (4). An update on Arizona's Horseshoe Fire, which has burned nearly 3,000 acres, is provided by the next item (5); but although a wildfire burning south of Grand Canyon National Park is expected to grow beyond its current size of 3,400 acres, the popular tourist attraction is still open to visitors (6). A wildfire was reported near Farmington, New Mexico (7); a 32 acre blaze in Belen, which was sparked by a car's exhaust, was dealt with by firefighters supported by a SEAT (8); but a much more massive wildfire near Las Cruces is still giving firefighters plenty of work (9). Approximately 650,000 cubic yards of sediment needs to be dredged from a reservoir southwest of Denver, Colorado, a legacy of the Hayman Fire in 2002 (10); but after a wildfire was sparked near Green Mountain Reservoir, volunteers kept the fire in check until firefighters could arrive (11). The contentious issue of what to do with Colorado's Hidden Gems wilderness area is re-examined in the next article (12); and a wildfire in Great Sand Dunes National Park has passed the 3,000 acre mark (13). Fire conditions in Utah, where the season has been relatively quiet, are heating up (14). A wildfire burning on the grounds of Fort Bliss along the Texas/New Mexico border has now exceeded 3,800 acres (15); even as arson investigators are checking out a suspicious grass fire elsewhere in the state (16); and a naturalist writer reflects on his days setting prescribed burns there (17). The bi-annual Montana Fire Alliance conference began in Butte yesterday (18); and the next article provides a look at Arkansas's fleet of over 100 truck-and-dozer suppression units (19). Wildfires were reported in two counties in Florida yesterday (20); as lightning sparked a number blazes across that state (21). Although Alaska's wildfires are down, they're not out, as the next article shows (22). A forest fire in northern British Columbia, Canada, forced the evacuation of a small community in the fire's path (23); but Ontario's fire activity continues to be minimal, allowing them to send firefighters, along with air tankers, to nearby Québec (24). Fire crews from across Lancashire are tackling a wildfire in a moor near Bolton, UK (25); while Scotland's Tentsmuir National Nature Reserve is cautioning visitors about the wildfire danger after having already dealt with one recently (26). Worries about future bushfires have prompted officials in Queensland, Australia, to conduct more prescribed burns (27); and they probably have good reason to worry, as a new class-action suit has been lodged against a power utility in regards to Victoria's Black Saturday bushfires (28). A bushfire near a nursing home in South Australia may have been a case of arson (29). And finally, in a turnabout, a Louisiana community is attempting to rescue their firefighters!

(1) Wildfire breaks out in Menifee, burns half-acre

(2) Firefighters work around the clock battling fire near Borrego Springs

(3) SDG&E plans to cut power to avoid wildfires

(4) Fire season off to late start

(5) The Horseshoe Fire

(6) Grand Canyon hikers may experience smoke from spreading Eagle Rock fire

(7) Local wildfires keep firefighters busy

(8) Wildfire blazes in Belen

(9) Wildfire Still Raging Near Las Cruces

(10) Sediment caused by wildfire to be dredged from Colorado reservoir

(11) Lost wheel sparks fire near Green Mountain Reservoir

(12) Hidden Gems wilderness proposal contentious

(13) Wildfire in Sand Dunes National Park spreads to 3,000 acres

(14) Summer makes a comeback

(15) Officials: Firefighters gaining on Fort Bliss fire

(16) Firefighters investigating suspicious grass fire

(17) Levin: Wildfires

(18) Montana Fire Alliance conference gets underway in Butte

(19) New Kenworth T800s Help State Forestry Department Stand Sentry Over Arkansas Wildfires

(20) Wildfires burn 132 acres in Martin, St. Lucie counties

(21) Lightning Sparks Several Wildfires

(22) Alaska wildfires slow down but stick around

(23) Forest fire forces evacuation of Alaska Highway town

(24) A few fires pop up

(25) Firefighters tackle moorland blaze

(26) Forest visitors warned after Tentsmuir blaze

(27) Fire fears spark burn-off program

(28) Mass class action on bushfires

(29) Victor Harbor nursing home suffers $25,000 fire damage

(30) Role reversal: Community comes to fire district's aid

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