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Monday, April 27, 2009


Some areas burned in wildfires in 2008 will reopen in Southern California's Los Padres National Forest on May 1st; while experts from academia and fire agencies debate the plethora of choices for controlling wildfires in California and the West. The Dripping Springs Fire in Arizona is being tackled by about 100 firefighters on the ground and in the air; and Arizona firefighters were battling an out-of-control control fire near Sedona on Sunday. An update with more details of the P-2V air-tanker crash in Utah is provided in the next article; with a retrospective on Oklahoma's historic 2009 fire season following. Seeing an average of 25,000 acres burn per year, firefighters in Arkansas are conducting controlled burns to lessen the danger; and Ohio's Shawnee State Forest suffered the loss of about 1,500 acres of forest due to a wildfire. Wildfires caused by sparks from a passing train kept New Hampshire firefighters busy over the weekend; and Pennsylvania fire specialists were brought in to relieve local firefighters on a growing wildfire. Eastern Kentucky is beset with wildfires, as the next article shows; but, citing tinder-dry fuels and current weather conditions, fire agencies in West Virginia are cautioning residents about wildfires. North Carolina firefighters extinguished a roadside blaze in Charlotte Monday afternoon. As the tedious process of making insurance claims begins, insurance companies in South Carolina are estimating losses of over $25 million; and, with South Carolina firefighters reporting encounters with bears and snakes, wildlife officials say that animals will continue fleeing the fires, but of course the question that remains is: where will they live and eat after the blazes are out? Due to cutbacks in funding and personnel, the South Carolina Forestry Commission projected problems fighting fires of the sort that just struck Myrtle Beach. Some wildfires continue to burn in Florida; causing Florida's Alligator Alley expressway through the Everglades to remain closed for a while longer. Trouble in paradise, as a small wildfire briefly threatened homes in Honolulu, Hawaii. Sweden has had about six square miles of forest burn; and, as if Zimbabwe didn't have enough problems with cholera, inflation, and a dictator, 40% of their forests have been burned by veld fires. A wildfire burning in Heilongjiang Province, China, is being dealt with by hundreds of firefighters and forest police; but after months of drought and windy weather, over 100,000 acres of wildland have been destroyed by wildfires in Nepal. A Victoria, Australia, community is anxious to provide proper communications equipment to Country Fire Authority firefighters; but the Australian Broadcasting Corporation is remaining mum in the face of charges that it was too slow to provide bushfire warnings as Black Saturday bushfires advanced. A Mount Beauty, Victoria, community will be built with an eye towards bushfire protection; and $5,000 in financial aid is being provided to farmers who suffered losses during the bushfires. And finally, black terrain has been transformed into a white wonderland in the bushfire-ravaged community of Marysville.

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