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Monday, February 22, 2010


Sue Russell concludes her insightful wildfire series with a look at how new ideas are transforming wildland firefighting, our first wildfire article today (1); and to underscore the point, a press release highlights new software that will allow Bambi Bucket users to keep track of their activities on future wildfires (2). USFS and the National Park Service are revising safe practices after investigating the accidental death of a firefighter in Northern California in 2008 (3); but even though many have applauded a new Washington state bill that seeks to resolve jurisdictional problems fighting wildfires, not everyone is supportive as of yet (4). A small Utah town is still coping with their losses after a major wildfire last year (5); while the governor of South Dakota stated flatly that he will send Division of Wildland Fire Suppression crews onto national forest land to battle blazes (6). A wildfire that burned 10 acres in Central North Carolina damaged several structures before firefighters extinguished it (7). Florida firefighters will be conducting a prescribed burn in Brevard County today (8); and prescribed burns will be conducted on the University of Central Florida's campus to reduce the danger from wildfires to their facilities (9). A bushfire on the Caribbean island of Trinidad destroyed a family's home while they were away (10); but officials in the African nation of Ghana are continuing their anti-bushfire program, now focusing on educating young people (11). Officials in one Philippine province asserted that people are the main cause of wildfires, as El Nino conditions keep that island nation unusually dry (12); while eighteen provinces in Vietnam are also facing a drought-induced wildfire danger (13); and Malaysia is forecasting two more months of the dry conditions which have been sparking bushfires throughout that region (14). A quartet of heli-tankers battled a wind-driven bushfire outside of New Zealand's capital (15); while a teenager has been apprehended and charged with starting the blaze (16). Elite heli-tack teams from Australia Capital Territory are profiled in the next article (17); and the argument to burn more bush (up to 500% more) to reduce the danger from bushfires was once again presented before the Royal Bushfire Commission (18). A wildlife shelter in Victoria that suffered severe damage during the Black Saturday bushfires is receiving some help from strangers to keep going (19); while residents of a Central Victoria community marked the one-year anniversary of a massive bushfire that burned thousands of acres (20); even as the arrest of an arsonist who allegedly lit dozens of bushfires in the Dandenong Range was announced (21). And finally, a volunteer firefighter who has battled many bushfires in Queensland faces an even more daunting challenge in his new job: Brigade training officer!

(1) Some Smart Solutions Going Forward

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