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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Wildfire NOTD subscriber Chuck Bushey, President of the International Association of Wildland Fire, sent along a notice about the upcoming deadline for submissions to the 3rd Human Dimensions Wildland Fire Conference (1). A week after the release of the GAO report on Southern California's Station Fire, several lessons to be learned are summarized by the next article (2); while the 75-year-old Needles Lookout Tower, which overlooks Sequoia National Forest, will have its wildfire damage repaired by the US Forest Service (3). A Washington-based moving and storage company will provide storage containers and moving assistance to Texas wildfire survivors (4); and following a declaration by Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency, property owners will be able to conduct controlled burns again (5). Texas Forest Service received enough funding from the state legislature to establish their first office in Midland County (6); but its Inventory & Analysis group has determined that 500 million trees were destroyed by wildfires across the state this year (7). The US Army Corps of Engineers plans to conduct controlled burns on Georgia's Lake Lanier (8). Florida Forest Service will be using a 110-acre controlled burn as an Incident Command System exercise on December 21st (9); while a 10-acre wildfire was reportedly threatening homes in Clearwater (10). The next article takes a look at PATRES, a project by German and American scientists which aims to understand the mechanisms that control wildfire regimes and improve the predictions of when and how they will change (11); but the severity of allegations of government negligence in Israel's report on the Carmel Forest wildfire have delayed publication of the document for now (12). Seeking to reduce the losses caused by wildfires to its national forests, the African nation of Gambia issued a Report on Development of Sub-Regional Convergence Plan for Sustainable Management and Utilization of Forest Eco-system in West Africa last week (13); while firefighters in South Africa will be deploying two dozen aircraft to assist in spotting veld fires this summer (14). In Australia, Country Fire Authority reminded homeowners in Wyndham, Victoria, of the need to clear out long grass before the first of the year to reduce the bushfire threat (15); but time is running out for Black Saturday survivors to apply for grants from the Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund (16); even as the Whittlesea Bushfire Recovery Information Centre closes for good (17). Bushfires NT firefighters threw containment lines around three bushfires burning near Alice Springs, Northern Territory (18); while Tasmania Fire Service warned residents of that island state about the extreme bushfire danger due to fuel buildup (19). And finally, firefighters in Terre Haute, Indiana, gave Santa Claus an assist in distributing gifts to needy families!

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