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Friday, November 25, 2011


In Southern California, a San Bernardino County supervisor was threatening legal action against the state over its new $150 wildfire fee (1); while Greenville Indian Rancheria, located in Plumas County, is combining ancient practices with modern wildland firefighting (2). Fire investigators in New Mexico are still uncertain as to the cause of the White Fire, which destroyed five homes and burned 10,000 acres in Lincoln National Forest in April (3); but Bandelier National Monument reopened to visitors despite damage from flooding that followed this summer's wildfires (4). With one month to go, Oklahoma looks back on a year of natural disasters, including wildfires (5); while Venezuela's Ministry for the Environment conducted a training exercise for wildland firefighters at Warairarepano National Park, revealing that some 5,000 wildfires were started by human agency during the ongoing drought (6). An update on the contentious Australian Capital Territory Supreme Court bushfire case is provided by the next article (7). Western Australia's Department of Environment and Conservation firefighters were getting the upper hand on the blaze in Margaret River that has scorched 3,177 hectares and destroyed nearly 40 homes (8); a video segment providing a view of the fires from the front lines (9); where firefighters earned high praise from officials for the job they did battling the bushfires (10); and some homeowners were allowed back to view their homes (11); but anxious winemakers were prohibited from returning to their vineyards for the moment (12); while the "all clear" has been given for Winnejup State Forest, where a 25-hectare bushfire had burned (13); but the chairman of the Bushfire Front stated that the situation could have been much worse in that state (14); bushfire advisories being issued for Nimingarra (15); as well as Toodyay, where 200 ha burned (16); but donations are already beginning to trickle in for bushfire survivors (17). And finally, Bernalillo County Fire Department brought a surprise to one financially hard-hit New Mexico family: a complete Thanksgiving dinner!

(1) Derry blasts fire fee, promotes legal action

(2) Tradition and the new timber meet in Plumas National Forest

(3) Forest official: White Fire investigation continues

(4) After fire and floods, Bandelier officials reopen backcountry trails for hiking

(5) 2011 has been year of natural disasters in Oklahoma

(6) Venezuelans Trained to Control Forest Fires in the Country

(7) Tense exchange in Canberra bushfire case

(8) Margaret River houses looked 'napalmed' to man who lost his home in fire

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(12) WA bushfires keep wine makers out

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(15) Bushfire ADVICE for Nimingarra in the Shire of East Pilbara

(16) Toodyay bushfire warning

(17) Help victims of the Margaret River bushfire

(18) Firefighters surprise thankful family

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