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Friday, August 22, 2008


Today's wildfire news is heavy on the international front, beginning with two stories out of Greece about wildfires there and the government's work rehabilitating the area burned by last year's devastating wildfires. Next up, a couple of stories out of the Balkans just north of Greece, showing that politics and nationalism often take a back seat to firefighting when wildfires threaten. Parts of Australia are getting their first introduction to gel suppressant and the response is very positive. Back on the home front, the massive wildfires up north earlier this year have once again caused the logging industry to argue for thinning, while the Sierra Club argues to let fires burn. The following article brings up some interesting points on wildfires from an economist's point of view. Next up, something every wildland firefighter wants to find under his/her Christmas tree: a remote-controlled bulldozer capable of cutting fireline! Kentucky is having some problems with wildfires brewing up and a helicopter pilot reflects on the S-61 crash up north. Finally, an article out of Canada posits that some firefighters just can't handle their caffeine.

Wildfires across Peloponnese

Molyviatis on wildfire regions

Belasica Mt. wildfires still active, new fire on Kajmakcalan

Serbia helps Montenegro tackle wildfire

Revolutionary thermal gel receives first test

Wildfires spark renewed push for forest thinning

Economist Hedges Bets on Wildfires in California

A Safer Solution to Fighting Wildfires

Burning ban issued as forest fires smolder

Chopper pilot fighting forest fire talks about crash

Coffee and firefighters a bad mix, study finds

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