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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


There were a number of articles on a variety of fronts today, leading off with a retrospective by San Diego radio station KPBS about failed Prop A, with commentary by two county supervisors, followed by an article from Aaron Burgin of the San Bernardino Press-Enterprise about an unlikely champion for the Martin Mars: the city of Lake Elsinore. The Department of Energy is trying to pull the plug on a groundbreaking study of how trees store CO2, something that has scientists asking for a stay of execution. On the technology front, the idea of seeding RFID sensors in forested areas to detect forest fires is revisited, and an article from Wired Magazine highlights a member of LAFD who has his finger on the news and an eye on disasters as they unfold. A wildfire in Georgia has singed a few hundred acres, while a much smaller one in Maui, Hawaii, had threatened homes. A fire-scarred survivor of the S-61 crash in Northern California earlier this year recounts his tale of recovery, while firefighters in Virginia plan how to attack a forest fire in the George Washington National Forest. An Op-Ed item from Colorado relates legislative action there to deal with the many beetle-killed trees dotting private land. Heading to Greece, a wind-driven wildfire in inaccessible terrain kept firefighters busy, while firefighters in Australia had to avoid live power lines on the ground during their fight to protect a town from the resulting bushfire. Over 100 firefighters had to battle a blaze outside of Londonderry, New South Wales, and more arson activity triggered a bushfire that threatened homes in a suburb of Adelaide, South Australia. And Elvis (Elvii?) helicopters are steaming to Australia to help fight bushfires as Erickson sends a quintet of their potent helitankers south.

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