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Thursday, September 04, 2008


Leading off the news today, a submission from San Diego Regional Fire Safety Forum Director Bill Hoffman about a long-awaited addition to San Diego's aerial firefighting force, followed by a UT article on the same topic, and one from Ramona on wildfire preparedness. While the next article shows that Kentucky is just heading into their fire season, Colorado and Wyoming are seeing the end of theirs, as demonstrated by a pair of articles. A couple of wildfires in Utah appear not to notice the approach of fall, as shown by the next two articles. Pennsylvania is getting ready for future fires by doing mechanical thinning, while a wildfire in northern California torched several homes. Two press releases out today: one from the Army about their recent wildfire-fighting activities, and one from Neptune Aviation about the tragic P-2 crash earlier this week. Overseas, Spain's unusually quiet fire season received a rude wakeup call and Lebanon is pondering how to cope with wildfires in their region.

New Air Power Arrives For SD Firefighters

City adds helicopter to battle wildfires

Residents Advised on Wildfire Preparedness

Still at Risk for Forest Fires

Porcupine Fire could be last one of fire season

Rain, snow drench wildfires

South Barker fire continues march east near Featherville, South Fork of the Boise River

Wildfire roars through La Sals, chars 3,500 acres

Forests Thinned for Fire Safety

Soldiers help battle California wildfires

Neptune Aviation Press Release

Wildfire prompts evacuation of 1,000 people in Spain

Baroud unveils plans to raise firefighting funds

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