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Monday, August 04, 2008


Wildfire stories abound today, leading off with a couple of items dealing with wildfires in Utah, followed by one on the problem with recruiting volunteers in several states. Next up, a story about a small fire in San Diego County near the Mexican border and one on a study from UC Davis on smoke effects in the Tahoe region. Two stories out of Montana discuss wildfires there over the years and the impact air-tankers have had on fires. A couple of stories detail the return of local firefighters from the wildfires up north and trouble in Paradise as another wildfire brews up there. Fire aviation fan and journalist Rich Brooks provides another in-depth story about air-tankers, with an emphasis on the heavy and super-heavyweight types. Texas is experiencing high heat, and with it, high fire activity. LA Times’ Bettina Boxall once again weighs in on wildfires, this time addressing the topic of letting some wildfires burn. Finishing today’s offerings is an article from Turkey about the danger of terrorist attacks using wildfires, something which has been voiced in the US government as well.

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