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Thursday, January 27, 2011


Two alert bicyclists confronted a would-be arsonist in the hills of Glendora, California, yesterday as he attempted to set a wildfire in windy conditions (1); while San Diego Gas & Electric will begin replacing wooden power poles with steel models in Rancho Bernardo to reduce the wildfire danger in that community (2). The response to the San Bruno, California, natural gas explosion, which was treated like a wildfire with air-tankers battling the blaze, underscores the importance of having cell phone communications available in command centers (3). The next article profiles the new head of Oregon's Department of Forestry (4); while the link between pine beetle infestations and severe wildfires in Washington state is explored in the one which follows (5). Authorities in Colorado will be using the Blue River Wildfire and Watershed Assessment to determine how best to deal with beetle-killed trees (6); but Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, will be under a comprehensive burn ban until at least the 1st of February (7); and Texas Forest Service will be conducting a wildfire awareness meeting for residents of Comal and Hays counties on February 10th (8). A former Minnesota firefighter has opted to plead guilty for starting a 1,500-acre wildfire in Anoka County in 2009 (9); while an Israeli firefighter on a fund-raising tour of the United States recalls the disastrous Carmel Forest Fire (10). As harmattan wind season approaches in the African nation of Ghana, the next article takes a look at how palm wine tappers, some traditional farming methods, and group hunting contribute to the bushfire problem (11). The head of Country Fire Authority has warned Victorians that, despite Australia's recent floods, once the fuel load dries out the bushfire season will return (12); but a resident of Queensland has been accused of using dozens of aliases to steal $20,000 in payments for bushfire survivors (13). And finally, residents in Deltona, Florida, are asking whether it's really necessary to buy a fire truck with a 100-foot aerial ladder when the tallest building in town is only three stories?

(1) Man sets fire north of Glendora amid high winds

(2) SDG&E to Replace Wood Power Poles Due to Fire Risk

(3) San Bruno blast response had glitch — cell phone reception

(4) New head of forestry department has 24 years’ experience

(5) Study ties pine beetle to severe Wash. wildfires

(6) Summit watershed assessment prioritizes beetle-kill remediation

(7) Panel institutes county burn ban

(8) Feb. 10 meeting to teach Comal residents wildfire protection

(9) Berken opted to end legal fight, attorney says

(10) Firefighter Recalls Furious Forest Battle

(11) Bush fires

(12) Bushfire danger after floods, CFA warns

(13) Fake bushfire victim: Dad stole emergency disaster payments

(14) City With Short Buildings May Buy $1M Ladder Truck

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