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Monday, November 10, 2008


Up first in wildfire news today, an article out of San Bernardino that voices cautious optimism over an unexpectedly light wildfire season in that region, followed by one from San Diego about an informational guide provided by the Burn Institute containing tips for protecting homes from wildfires. Next up, an article about firefighters in Chico providing guidance to homeowners on fire precautions. The arson investigation of the Gap Fire's cause has run out of leads, and an Op-Ed piece from Redding asks how USFS can adapt to changing conditions. An article from a conservation group in Florida advocates controlled burns to help the ecosystem, and an article from New Jersey shows how private landowners are implementing this strategy. Trouble in paradise, as a fire brews up on The Garden Island of that chain, fortunately with a better outcome than San Diego's Cedar Fire, which was started under similar circumstances. Two stories out of Ohio, where a small wildfire was contained, and a controlled burn to prevent future outbreaks was successfully executed on that same forest. Fire crews in West Virginia were able to use ATVs to quickly reach and extinguish a small wildfire there, while the next article discusses the tasks assigned to Aerial Supervision Module aircraft used by USFS to observe a fire and to guide heavy air-tankers into a target. Firefighters in Oklahoma were thankful for a sudden rain storm that quelled a growing grass-and-hay fire, but Louisiana firefighters are on edge over a rash of arson jobs. And speaking of arson jobs, two articles out of Australia show that this is not something isolated to the US: the first discusses suspicious fires in New South Wales; the second recounts the story of a mother of two who set a number of arson bushfires in her neighborhood. Sydney has been having some problems with bushfires on the west side, and environmentalists are up in arms about excessive trimming of tree ferns in Victoria State.

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