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Thursday, June 02, 2011


Firefighters from several departments fought a pitched battle in the Southern California community of Glendale to snuff a grass fire yesterday (1); even as sections of the Angeles Crest Highway which were washed out by heavy rains following 2009's Station Fire are finally reopening (2); while firefighters in Apple Valley hope to have a 275-acre wildfire contained by this evening (3). A summary of wildfire activity in Arizona is provided by the next item (4); where a wildfire burning in the Las Cienegas National Conservation Area has grown to 611 acres in size (5); and residents are cautioned in the next article that wildfires like those seen so far this season will probably continue for some time (6); followed by a New York Times article that takes a closer look at an urban legend that illegal immigrants fleeing Border Patrol agents started the Horseshoe 2 Fire (7); the smoke from which is causing some sullied skies in Pima County (8). A wildfire burning in New Mexico's Carson National Forest may force evacuations (9); while a 165-acre wildfire burning in Colorado's Huerfano County is considered 20% contained (10). An Oklahoma Forestry Service firefighter has been charged with 112 felony counts of arson, including dozens of blazes which have burned 7,500 acres over his seven year career (11). The contribution of air-tankers to battling the Texas wildfires is examined by the next item (12); where firefighters are hoping that they have seen the worst of their wildfire season (13). A wildfire was reported on Deer Island, Mississippi, yesterday (14); and Congress has restored $320 million in lost funding to the firefighter grants program by raiding Homeland Security management accounts (15). Firefighters in Georgia continued to battle the 153,000-acre wildfire burning in Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, as well as a few other blazes around the state (16); while firefighters in Volusia County, Florida, are still busy fighting over three dozen wildfires (17). Hotshot crews from Oregon and Washington helped battle a wildfire that threatened 15 cabins along Alaska's Chatanika River (18). British Columbia continued to dispatch firefighters to battle wildfires in Alberta and Alaska (19); including three quarters of the personnel from their Southeast Fire Centre (20); while a 900 hectare fire has closed a highway leading from British Columbia into the Yukon (21). Nine new wildfires were sparked by lightning north of Fort McMurray, Alberta (22); but thick smoke from a nearby wildfire made road evacuation impossible, forcing officials to airlift hundreds of residents of a Saskatchewan town to safety (23). In the UK, firefighters who battled wildfires in Hereford's Swinley Forest received praise from the fire brigades union for working extremely long and arduous shifts to extinguish the blazes (24). Australian officials in Victoria tabled the Bushfires Implementation Plan put together by the Coalition Government, promising a report by 31st of July on progress (25); but weeds are beginning to overrun hills burned by bushfires outside of Nillumbik prompting local officials to ask the state government for $160,000 to deal with the problem (26). Western Australia's Department of Environment and Conservation announced success with its Operation Rangelands Restoration, which reintroduces native species to areas ravaged by bushfires (27). And finally, Florida firefighters showed that criminals had better beware the long arm of the... fire service?

(1) Firefighters douse grass fire near LA-Glendale border

(2) Angeles Crest Highway reopens Friday

(3) No homes damaged, no injuries in 275-acre brush fire

(4) Arizona wildfires prompt evacuations throughout the state

(5) Empire 2 Fire now at 611 acres in size

(6) Expect more of the same costly, difficult-to-fight Arizona wildfires

(7) As Arizona Fire Rages, So Does Rumor on Its Origin

(8) Multiple wildfires stirring up air quality

(9) Wildfire causes road closure on U.S. Highway 518

(10) UPDATE: Wildfire Burning East Of Walsenburg

(11) Firefighter faces 112 felony counts

(12) A behind the scenes look into an essential piece for fighting wildfires

(13) State wildfire danger lowers, but dry spell remains concern

(14) Wildfire Burns Part Of Deer Island

(15) House restores firefighter grants

(16) Firefighters hold the line on Southeast Georgia wildfires

(17) Firefighters continue to battle brush fires in Volusia

(18) Crews fighting Alaska fire work to protect cabins

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(21) Fire forces road closure

(22) Lightning sparks many new wildfires north of Fort Mac

(23) Saskatchewan forest fire airlift in last stages

(24) Fire Brigades Union Praise Efforts of Fire Crews at Swinley Forest Fire

(25) Bushfires Implementation Plan tabled in Parliament

(26) Weeds clog rebuild at Strathewen, Christmas hills and St Andrews

(27) A conservation project is returning bilbies to the Goldfields

(28) St. Petersburg firefighters foil purse snatching

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