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Saturday, February 21, 2009


First up in wildfire news today, the Bureau of Land Management is consolidating operations from two air-attack bases in Nevada into one, while a P-2V has been redeployed to Waco, Texas, for as long as the wildfire danger remains high there. In Florida, a presumed-dead wildfire sprang to life again yesterday, and two small wildfires were quickly dealt with by firefighters. Having lost 16,000 acres to wildfires last season, Virginia Department of Forestry is providing wildfire training to firefighters in hopes of limiting the damage this year. Of nearly three dozen fires burning in Chile, only a handful remain out of control. An unusual bit of artwork is being auctioned on E-bay to help bushfire victims in Australia, and something which has been kicking around for some time, the self-extinguishing cigarette, is getting more attention in the aftermath of the Australian bushfires, but perhaps the power companies need to develop some self-extinguishing power lines as well. And finally, two amusing stories to finish off the news today: firefighter training establishments may have overlooked an important area in their curriculum - wrangling; and keep an eye on those law-enforcement types - you never know when one of their exercises may cause firefighters some extra work!

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