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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Wildfire News Of The Day begins with a story about the reopening of Southern California's Deukmejian Wilderness Park, which was scorched by the Station Fire last year (1). A wildfire east of Temecula burned 22 acres yesterday (2); and another near Fort Tejon was wrapped up after burning 40 acres (3). The Sierra Hot Shots, along with an air attack aircraft, have been dispatched from California to New Mexico to link up with the Kings River Hot Shots in battling the Tecolote Fire, which has already burned over 800 acres (4); but two teenagers were taken into custody in Washington state for starting a small wildfire while burning ants with cigarette lighters (5). Nevada is sending a 20-person hand crew to Arizona to help battle the blazes in the northern part of that state (6); however, a forest-thinning project in Nevada's Washoe Valley went awry when sparks from a machine ignited a small wildfire (7). An Associated Press article provides information on the wildfires burning in Arizona at the moment (8); followed by some striking video from CBS News (9). Despite the hardships on the firelines, firefighters reporting back on the wildfire situation in northern Arizona received a standing ovation from attendees for their valor (10); and a lot more help is on the way, including apparatus and Hot Shots from Tucson's Northwest Fire Protection District (11); as well as a contingent from Idaho (12). Fire restrictions have been put in place for the Kaibab and Coconino National Forests in Arizona (13). A second wildfire which has ignited in New Mexico's Dona Ana Range is drawing a sharp response from Bureau of Land Management firefighters (14); while a summary of wildfire activity across Colorado is provided by the next article (15); where a wildfire accidentally started by a careless smoker near Steamboat Springs spread to about 3 acres before being squelched (16). Colorado firefighters managed to create conditions in which one lane of Highway 50 was reopened near the Royal Gorge (17); and some evacuees were allowed to return to their homes in Parkdale (18); but the weather outlook is not promising, as winds are forecast for the area (19). Vermont's Department of Forest, Parks and Recreation proclaimed that fire risk is low in that state, despite what's happening in nearby Canada (20); but Florida is living up to its reputation as the lightning capital of the US, with no fewer than 28 of the 36 most recent wildfires reported in that state having been sparked by lightning (21). The CEO of the Biomass Power Association outlined a strategy for fighting wildfires with biomass operations (22). Heading north to Canada, British Columbia's slow fire season is finally picking up pace as a wildfire in the central part of that province grows to 52 km² in size (23); followed by an update on the wildfire situation in Ontario (24). Another county in Ireland is reporting a sharp increase in the amount of forest fires so far this year (25); but after lambasting environmentalists over claims that the Amazon rain forest was in danger from wildfires, an English newspaper has issued a retraction (26). A wildfire on the Mediterranean island of Malta had residents living nearby concerned (27); while Israel is having its own heat wave, with wildfires breaking out across the country, including near Jerusalem (28); forcing firefighters from both Israel and Jordan to combine their efforts to battle a wildfire along their common border (29). Multiple fires across the Middle Eastern nation of Lebanon have burned nearly 200 acres of land as well (30). The president of Indonesia has reiterated that country's determination to control forest fires (31). Australia's National Association of Steel Housing demonstrated a bushfire-proof steel home that will be on display at the DesignBUILD 2010 Expo in Melbourne, Victoria, later this month (32); but a Country Fire Authority volunteer who lit numerous bushfires while intoxicated had his day in court (33). A construction project on the outskirts of Sydney, New South Wales, has residents worried about bushfire dangers (34); while Tasmania's Minister for Environment, Parks and Heritage commented on the $16 million that state is allocating to protect their national parks from bushfires (35). And finally, patrons didn't seem offended that firefighters were overdressed when they were called to a wildfire at a nudist colony in the UK!

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