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Monday, April 12, 2010


An Op-Ed piece sides with Los Angeles County Supervisor Mike Antonovich in regards to fighting fires in the Angeles National Forest from the air at night, in our first wildfire article today (1); but in the wake of 2007 wildfires in Orange County, Orange County Fire Authority has beefed up their wildland firefighting capability (2). A report from the University of Washington and USFS about the impact of insects on timber stands shows the tremendous impact small changes in temperature play in the equation (3); while a wildfire council in Colorado is putting together a comprehensive plan for dealing with wildfires (4). Firefighters from across that state received training to prepare them for wildfire season (5); and they could have probably gotten some live-fire experience in the Roosevelt National Forest this past weekend (6). Our next story examines the mistakes made in prosecuting Utah's Mill Flat Fire last year (7); but firefighting instructors in Wisconsin are concerned about the recruitment and training of volunteers needed for their wildfire season (8). A wildfire in Michigan's Upper Peninsula burned about 70 acres Saturday night (9); and finally reached 129 acres before being contained (10). Kentucky has issued a burn ban for 20 counties at risk from wildfires (11); followed by a summary of recent wildfires in Tennessee (12). With temperatures pushing into the 80s today in Northern Alabama, National Weather Service has issued a Red Flag warning for the area (13); and a tally of wildfires in one part of Pennsylvania is provided by the next article (14). A wildfire burning in Massachusetts was expected to exceed 100 acres (15); as fire crews used helicopters from the Massachusetts National Guard to try to rope in the blaze (16); where controlled burns in Manuel Correllus State Forest commence today (17). The governor of West Virginia has issued an outdoor burn ban in that state as the acres blackened by wildfires nears the 10,000-acre mark (18); while firefighters from New Mexico, Idaho and Arkansas helped contain a pair of wildfires in Virginia (19). A new blaze in Western North Carolina brought the tally to 418 wildfires since the beginning of the month in that state (20); and coastal dwellers in Georgia are being warned that there may be an uptick in wildfires in the area (21). Wildfire Awareness Week is underway in Florida, a state in which an estimated 80% of the wildfires are caused by humans (22); this coming at a time when firefighters see conditions similar to those of 1998, in which wildfires ran rampant through state (23); and where firefighters just managed to save a pair of homes from a wildfire over the weekend (24). An expatriate Briton has been fined for a wildfire which he started outside of the southern Spanish city of Malaga in 2009 (25). The Philippines' Cordillera Administrative Region plans to impose stiffer fines to reduce the incidence of wildfires (26). A story from India shows that money talks when it's a question of making a profit versus preventing forest fires (27); followed by an article from the state of Maharashtra which discusses fires in that region (28); and a wildfire on the campus of the Jawaharlal Nehru University destroyed a number of trees in a forested area (29). The means to shorten a compensation hearing taking place before the Australia Capital Territory Supreme Court over the 2003 Canberra bushfires is being explored (30). Property owners seeking to subdivide their land will have some additional paperwork to do in parts of Victoria deemed to be at high risk from bushfires (31). Next up, it's a tale of two towers: the ongoing battle between a wind farm and residents of Central Victoria over a tower that is considered a bushfire danger is revisited (32); but a much more appreciated fire-spotting tower on the north side of Melbourne that has been guarding the suburbs since the 1920s will be getting an expensive facelift (33). A Yarra Valley couple is using the tragedy of their losses in black Saturday to help other survivors through their wine business (34); but perhaps they should consider helping support a counseling program for bushfire survivors that will be forced to close due to a lack of funds (35). A little over a year after the old school was destroyed in the Black Saturday bushfires, excited students poured into the new facility (36). Firefighters were able to contain a runaway prescribed burn in Tallaganda State Forest in New South Wales (37). And finally, there was another opportunity for adventuresome firefighters to battle a blaze in an Indian tiger preserve!

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