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Friday, May 06, 2011


First up today, Wildfire NOTD subscriber Tony Morris, Communications Director for Wildfire Research Network, passed along a special bulletin from Phil Guy of Tangent Link, which extends a discount to readers of Wildfire NOTD that can be applied to reservations to attend their upcoming aerial firefighting convention in Washington DC towards the end of this month. Hot temperatures and dry conditions in Southern California have prompted officials in Los Angeles County to issue a wildfire warning to communities in the Wildland Urban Interface (1); while a reminder about California's Lake Tahoe Basin Wildfire Summit is provided by the next article (2); the following article touching on House Resolution 1485, which would allow vegetation clearance to reduce the wildfire threat in the Siskiyous (3). An article from Oregon looks over the impact weather has on wildfire danger (4). Taking recent wildfire activity in Texas to heart, firefighters in Arizona's Sedona Fire District are gearing up for an active wildfire season early this year (5); even as national forests in that state are clamping down on fire usage due to the dryness of vegetation making for ideal wildfire conditions (6). New Mexico's Lincoln National Forest will be closed beginning May 12th due to the wildfire danger (7); the next article taking a closer look at the financial impact of fighting recent wildfires in that state (8). The thorny political issue of President Obama's rejection of a disaster declaration for the Texas wildfires is examined (9); followed by a forecast from Montana's Northern Rockies Coordination Center of the wildfire season ahead (10). Florida Division of Forestry is recommending that residents of several counties refrain from debris burns during this period of extreme wildfire danger (11); while firefighters battling a 25,000-acre wildfire burning in Big Cypress National Preserve have warned motorists on nearby highways about visibility problems due to smoke (12). US Forest Service issued certificates to members of a hand crew who successfully completed a wildfire training program on the Pacific island of Saipan (13); but having already seen 40 wildfires so far this year, officials in New Brunswick, Canada, warned campers about the dangers of campfires sparking wildfires (14). The damage done to date by the Irish wildfires is estimated to be €7.5 million (15); while wildfires in the UK have gotten so bad that the Ministry of Defence has mobilized troops to help fight them (16); this at a time when firefighters battling the Swinley Forest wildfire began drawing water from a lake on the grounds of Sandhurst Military Academy as reinforcements arrived (17); Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue providing some of those reinforcements (18); but wildfires are making life difficult for a rare breed of finches whose habitat has been burned (19); however, fire officials are thankful for a "Spanish Plume" which will bring drenching rains to quell the many wildfires burning throughout that region (20); even as campers and hikers are provided with useful tips about how to prevent new fire starts (21). Scottish government officials are struggling with the costs of recent wildfires across their region (22); while a wildfire in Portugal's Serra da Estrela province is nearing the 50 ha mark (23); and Switzerland's Federal Environment Office has invoked burn bans on forested areas in 11 cantons due to extremely dry conditions (24). A wildfire in Heilongjiang Province, China, has drawn the attention of 3,900 firefighters, assisted by four air-tankers (25). In Australia, Queensland Fire and Rescue Service will be holding meetings this month to inform landowners of the extreme bushfire danger posed by the increased vegetation growth due to a particularly heavy rainy season (26). And finally, hundreds of Missoula, Montana, school kids got up close and personal with the art and science of fighting wildfires!

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