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Tuesday, January 06, 2009


In wildfire news today, a committee from Lebanon is conducting a fact-finding mission on inter-agency cooperation hosted by USFS in Southern California. A controversial plan to allow road-building within National Forests has been abandoned by the largest owner of timberland in the US, as related by an article from Montana, while an Op-Ed piece from that neck of the woods discusses recent wildfire-related bills proposed for that state. A large number of firefighters from 30 states in the US will be meeting in Colorado this week to get some pointers on wildfire management and incident command techniques, something that probably benefit fire managers from Virginia, where a report states that although numbers of fires are down, acreage burned is up significantly. Firefighters in Texas are getting a funding windfall from the Texas Forest Service to pay them back for aiding in wildfire suppression in the 2005-2006 fire season, while Florida firefighters are warning the public about increased fire danger in their area. Heading to Australia, a recent study identifies bushfires as being a way of life and something that brings communities closer due to the fight against a common foe. And that foe has manifested itself in several areas: wind-driven bushfires are raging both north and south of Sydney in New South Wales; at two national parks (Moreton and Yengo); and at Riverland in South Australia. Finally, a story from Nepal about wildfires in an area with interesting wildlife, such as pythons which can get up to 19 feet long (watch where you step!)

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