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Thursday, December 03, 2009


We lead off Wildfire News Of The Day with an article in which California's governor has warned that 'There's no single (crisis) that threatens our health more than climate change', resulting in a policy that strict water conservation will have to be practiced in the state for the foreseeable future (to read the report, go to this weblink), with internet giant Google assisting in preparing maps showing areas affected by climate change, something that could be a boon to wildland fire agencies in the state (1). A breakdown of jurisdictional responsibility in paying for the Sheep Creek Fire is provided by the next article (2); and the BBC once again explores the phenomenon of wildfires in California, this time taking a closer look at the role fire plays in preserving the health of forests in Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks (3). City firefighters have long known of the toxins released in structure fires, but a new report from Oregon State University highlights the danger wildland firefighters (and nearby residents) may face from toxins released by forest fires (4); something for residents of two Arizona towns to consider as the Bureau of Land Management conducts controlled burns nearby (5). Time is running out for farmers and ranchers in New Mexico who suffered wildfire losses, but have yet to apply for federal aid (6); while a new Texas wildfire database has been compiled by First American Spatial Solutions (7). A study by Australian National University has revealed that logging has a profound impact on increased fire danger in Australia's forests (8); but the town of Marysville, which was devastated by the Black Saturday bushfires, is showing signs of life as businesses begin to reopen (9). The man appointed to be a watchdog over the Royal Bushfire Commission will be taking a summer vacation, much to the chagrin of Opposition politicians in Victoria (10); and at the same time, the setting aside of neighborhood safe places in that state has now become a political hot potato (11). Fire authorities in Tasmania will release a list of bushfire "safe areas" very soon (12); while water-dropping aircraft helped battle blazes in West Australia (13). A Rural Fire Service volunteer has been arrested in connection with nearly 3 dozen arson-caused bushfires in New South Wales (14). And finally, for all those people trying to think of what to get a wildland firefighter for Christmas, consider this little gem from a Japanese firm!

(1) Calif Gov: Climate Adaptation Will Require Water Conservation

(2) Nearly $10 million spent battling Sheep fire

(3) Learning to love forest fires in Yosemite National Park

(4) Pollutants: Up in flames

(5) 2 Arizona cities prepare for prescribed burns

(6) Deadline for federal disaster aid Dec. 10

(7) First American Spatial Solutions Announces Release of its Texas Wildfire Database

(8) Logging could boost fire risk: study

(9) Nearly business as usual in Marysville

(10) Fire watchdog Neil Comrie takes summer holiday weeks after Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission appointment

(11) Government 'shirked bushfire responsibilities'

(12) Fire service to list bushfire 'safe areas'

(13) Bushfires blaze at Gidgegannup and Badgingarra WA

(14) Woman charged with lighting 32 bushfires

(15) Gull-Wing Firefighting ATV Could Operate in the Middle of Inferno

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