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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Having collected 126,597 signatures on a petition to grant seasonal firefighters health coverage, a wildland firefighter declared victory when the Obama administration announced that they would implement such coverage (1). A summary of wildfire activity in California is provided by the next article (2); firefighters and air-tankers battling a 15-acre wildfire burning near the Southern California community of Banning (3); while a Bakersfield station provides some background material on wildfires in an animated video (4); and firefighters brought a 16,000-acre wildfire burning in Colusa County to 30% containment (5). Wildfire activity in Oregon is the topic of the next article (6). An item from Seattle, Washington, takes a look at the factors involved in Colorado's devastating wildfires (7); but closer to home, wildfire activity near Wenatchee is making for smoky skies (8). A New Mexico State Senate candidate opines on reasons that the US Forest Service has to change its approach to wildfires in the next item (9). A specially-outfitted NASA DC-8 was used to sample smoke from wildfires over Colorado wildfires (10); where firefighters finally pronounced full containment on the 29-square-mile Waldo Canyon Fire, which destroyed 350 homes and killed two people (11); the next article taking a look at the contribution of firefighters from Schriever Air Force Base in the fight (12); Wildfire NOTD subscriber Tom Eversole, Executive Director of the American Helicopter Services and Aerial Firefighting Association, highlighting the role of helicopters during that fire (13); while FEMA is making flood insurance available to people living in Colorado's burn areas (14); but the fire danger in that state is far from over, as demonstrated by two wildfires in Moffat County (15). Wildfire activity in Idaho is summarized by the next article (16); followed by one about wildfires in Utah (17); where one near Ogden forced evacuations (18). Lightning strikes apparently sparked a trio of wildfires burning in Montana's Bitterroot National Forest (19). A string of nearly 3 dozen small wildfires along Maine's Interstate 95 were apparently sparked by flaming debris (20); while a 20-acre wildfire burned near Vermont's Groton State Forest (21). Apparently a camper started a small wildfire in Hanover, New York (22); but wildland firefighters in Alaska's Mat-Su Valley have been burglarized (23). In Canada, a pair of wildfires near Zama City, Alberta, have forced 300 people from their homes (24); while a number of wildfires have been reported in Ontario (25); where a debris burn which became a wildfire has cost a resident $5,500 (26). In the Caribbean, firefighters from St. Kitts-Nevis Fire and Rescue Services tackled a wildfire that was at least 15 acres in size (27). Smoke from Russia's Siberian wildfires is leading to some hazy skies in Washington state (28); and British Columbia, too (29). As homeowners in South Australia's Flinders Ranges struggle to recover from a January bushfire, the Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden has decided to lend a hand in replanting vegetation destroyed by the blaze (30); while a Western Australian volunteer bushfire brigade received an unexpected windfall from the Margaret River IGA (31). And finally, the Washoe County, Nevada, Sheriff's Department's Raven helicopter is celebrating its first anniversary of fighting wildfires!

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