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Friday, August 27, 2010


Southern California experienced another day of wild weather in the high desert, with numerous lightning strikes sparking wildfires (1); a trend repeated across a number of Western states, worsening several wildfires in the process (2). The next article commemorates the one-year anniversary of the devastating Station Fire, which burned one quarter of the Angeles National Forest to ash (3); while a number of lightning-sparked wildfires have been reported in the San Bernardino National Forest (4); and firefighters battled wildfires on the Morongo and Soboba Indian reservations in Southern California yesterday (5). Firefighters in Silicon Valley battled a 40-acre blaze in the foothills yesterday afternoon (6); but CAL FIRE expects to have a 1,200-acre wildfire that has been burning in Central California since the weekend contained today (7). Wind-driven wildfires caused some highway closures in Oregon yesterday (8); which made for a target-rich environment for air-tankers operating out of Medford Air Attack Base, as shown by a video segment of Aero Union and Neptune Aviation air-tankers in action (9). A 200-acre lightning-sparked wildfire that has been burning near Crater Lake, Oregon, is being used to clear out dense vegetation in the area (10); the Oak Flat Fire has expanded to 5,000 acres in size (11); while a wildfire burning in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area has burned 1,200 acres, forcing the evacuation of dozens of homes (12). Wildfires in Washington state's Olympic National Park are being allowed to burn for ecological purposes (13); and firefighters were able to extinguish a wildfire that burned 300 acres in a wheat field (14); but gusty winds in the eastern part of the state fueled fires burning in the area, prompting evacuations (15); and a wildfire in Stephens County destroyed two homes and burned hundreds of acres yesterday (16); but cooler, calmer weather is helping diminish wildfire activity in that area today (17). A pair of lightning-sparked wildfires were reported just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada (18). A summary of wildfires burning in Idaho is provided by the next article (19); followed by some spectacular video footage of air-tankers in action there yesterday (20). Firefighters from several departments pounced on a three-acre wildfire in Montana, quickly squelching the blaze yesterday (21); and air-tankers saw some action over Hamilton, as a 300-acre wildfire forced the evacuation of dozens of homes (22); but an out-of-control prescribed burn in the Helena National Forest which has burned 2,800 acres so far incensed residents (23). Although there are still 216 wildfires burning in British Columbia, Canada, more favorable weather is helping tamp down the fire situation there (24); however, smoke from wildfires in the interior are polluting the skies of Vancouver (25). A health advisory issued due to thick smoke in Alberta's capital has been lifted as the smoke has dissipated (26). The north African nation of Algeria reported numerous wildfires still burning, and both Portugal and Bosnia reported fires as well (27); while the Russian Federal Forest Agency, which has promised to restore all forest land destroyed in recent wildfires, is going to have an immense Burn Area Emergency Recovery effort to implement (28). Meanwhile in Australia, the Victorian Premier has broken his silence on the subject of the 67 Royal Bushfire Commission recommendations (29); but although that government has rejected buying out at-risk properties in bushfire country, it has decided to implement a new bushfire tax (30); which is expected to benefit insurers, making property insurance more affordable for homeowners (31); even as the Victorian government will be investing $19 million in a bushfire risk reduction program (32); their intentions being announced in a flurry of press releases (33)(34)(35). An artist's conference will be honoring bushfire artists who helped with the Black Saturday recovery efforts (36). In the ongoing trial in Toodyay, Western Australia, it has been revealed that the Shire's executive council raised concerns over the poor maintenance of power lines in the area months before December's devastating fire last year (37). And finally, a video from Brazil shows which you get when you cross a wildfire with a tornado!

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