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Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Riverside County, California, firefighters managed to rope in a blaze which threatened about a dozen homes yesterday (1); but US Forest Service warned about the fire danger in San Diego County after an Oak borer beetle killed about 20,000 trees (the full report by US Forest Service can be read here) (2); and the San Diego Fire Chiefs Association honored San Diego Gas and Electric with a Maltese cross for their efforts to cut power to backcountry areas on Red Flag days (3). Wildfires in Tulare County were squelched by firefighters Monday night (4); while communities on Monterey Peninsula are moving forward with their plans for a unified fire district in order to save money and improve efficiency (5). High school students are helping to repopulate the Plumas National Forest areas denuded by wildfires (6); and with the help of Butte County Fire Safe Council, some schoolkids are learning the importance of fire safety (7). Homeowners in Wenatchee, Washington, are pitching in to protect their community from wildfires (8). Arizona's Horseshoe Fire, which has already cost $2.3 million to fight, is out of control, despite having 800 firefighters on the line (9); and a wildfire to the north forced a closure of some lanes on an interstate yesterday (10). A small one-acre fire was quickly squelched by firefighters in Boulder County, Colorado (11); followed by an article about Devils Head Lookout Tower, one of the last still in operation in that state (12). The habitat for Kirtland's warblers may benefit from recent wildfires in Michigan (13); while Florida Division of Forestry reported a 65 acre wildfire burning in Taylor County over the weekend (14). An Alaska Public Radio segment provides information on the dozens of wildfires burning in the Interior (15); including a 1,300 acre blaze burning near Eklutna Lake (16); for a total of 260,000 acres burned by Monday afternoon (17). British Columbia's Northwest Fire Center has dispatched the Terrace Firebirds to Québec to help with the raging wildfires in that province (18); and a primer on firefighting jargon is provided by article from Ontario (19). As the fire threat eases in Western Ontario, fire resources are being shuttled to the east (20); where there was plenty of action over the weekend, as shown by the next two articles (21)(22). Much-needed rain has arrived in Ontario (23); and it's hoped that it will help with the fires in Québec, as well as clearing the air of wildfire smoke down through New England (24). Fire officials in the Yukon reported at least half a dozen fires burning across the province (25). Even though the Arctic may be one of the last places you would think suffers from air pollution, a new study from the Norwegian Institute for Air Research shows the true situation in the far north (26). A government spokesman in the African nation of Zimbabwe pointed out that it was the responsibility of local community leaders to control wildfires in their districts, in a nation which recorded over 7,000 wildfires that burned over 2,000,000 acres last year alone (27). A trauma relief organization from New Zealand has shipped booklets to Victoria, Australia, to help with the emotional recovery of children impacted by the Black Saturday bushfires (28). The ongoing battle over her bushfire clearance restrictions imposed on landowners in Victoria is examined by the next item (29); where environmental researchers are tracking the progress of two frog species in the aftermath of the Black Saturday bushfires (30). Shakespeare may have asked 'what's in a name?', but according to some in Victoria, the current naming system for bushfire refuges is a bit too confusing (31). Rebuilding efforts in Marysville, Victoria, got some star power (not to mention $1.3 million) to help the process along (32). And finally, an article from Massachusetts underscores the unique dangers aging can cause for firefighters.

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