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Friday, July 02, 2010


In the news today, a 15-acre wildfire on Catalina Island that was sparked by an airplane's crash is being roped off by firefighters (1); but the judge in the case of two men accused of sparking the Jesusita Fire in Santa Barbara County last year decided on community service rather than jail time since the fire was accidental (2); while portions of the Los Padres National Forest burned in the La Brea Fire last year have reopened (3). A Fire Safe Council in San Diego County has nearly completed their program of clearing defensible space around their community (4); and a wildfire near Lemoore Naval Air Station that burned 20 acres may have been caused by a downed power line (5); but Monterey County fire agencies are cautioning homeowners about the double-edged sword from abundant rains earlier this year: a late start to the fire season, but an abundance of fuel to burn! (6) Washington state's Department of Natural Resources is concerned that lush growth from abundant rains earlier this year could lead to abundant wildfires in the Seattle area over Fourth of July (7). A wildfire in Nevada has blazed across 20 acres, forcing evacuations in the process (8); but a 680-acre fire northeast of Las Vegas has destroyed several homes (9); the causes of these wildfires being examined in the next article (10). A summary of wildfire activity in Arizona's Coronado National Forest is provided by the next item (11); followed by an article about a trio of wildfires that were sparked by lightning (12); and another reported outside of Tucson (13). Following on the heels of yesterday's Wildfire NOTD air-tanker articles, the Denver Post published one today about the US Forest Service plans to replace heavy air tankers with helicopters and SEATs as a stopgap measure until the federal government provides money to replace the fleet of heavies (14). The US Forest Service is examining ways to log beetle-killed trees in Colorado to head off major wildfires (15); and has reported a trio of wildfires burning in South Dakota's Black Hills (16). In the aftermath of wildfires in New Jersey's Pinelands that burned 1,300 acres, firefighters in Pennsylvania and Delaware are worried about wildfires sparked by Fourth of July celebrations (17). Although rainy conditions have dampened some of Alaska's wildfires, others are still blazing away (18). Wildland fire management is the topic of an article from Fire Engineering Magazine (19); followed by a pair of articles that look at the difference between wildland firefighting and structure firefighting (20); and also what a wildland firefighter can expect the first day on the job (21). The European Forest Fire Information System identified two wildfires burning in Ravanusa and Palma di Montechiaro, Italy (22). As wildfires in northern China continue to burn, an army of over 21,000 firefighters has been employed to corral them (23); while the long road ahead for an Australian bushfire shelter development group is charted by the next article (24). The inquiry into a 2007 arson bushfire in New South Wales has wrapped up (25); but despite the time of year, several fires are burning near Darwin, Northern Territory (26). And finally, make sure all the station's doors are locked the next time you go on a call, otherwise you may come back to find someone's stolen your dinner like firefighters in Chicago did earlier this week!

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