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Saturday, October 20, 2012


The impact of a $150 fire fee on Southern California mountain communities is examined by our first article today (1); while increasing humidity and decreasing temperature have allowed fire officials in the Sierra National Forest to ease fire restrictions (2); and all road closures in the Mendocino National Forest which were invoked during the 41,983-acre North Pass Fire have been lifted (3); but a 300-acre wildfire in Lake County was still only 90% contained this morning (4). Oregon Department of Forestry announced that the wildfire season would officially be over in Central Oregon today (5). A fire burning in New Mexico's Sandia Mountains has spread across between 4 and 6 acres of rugged terrain, one of several currently burning in that state (6); even as Santa Fe National Forest set 7,300 acres of prescribed burns (7). Wildfire activity in Southwest Colorado is diminishing, but fire officials remarked on the number of wildfires this late in the season (8); prompting US Sen. Udall to issue a press release urging residents to prepare for wildfires during Wildfire Awareness Month (9). Even though recent rains knocked down the wildfire activity in Idaho, the threat won't truly be out until the snow flies (10). A human-caused wildfire which scorched 100 acres in Morgan County, Utah, has finally been contained (11); but two men have been charged with causing a wildfire in Saratoga Springs which cost $2 million to suppress this summer (12). Power utilities have moved in to repair downed power lines left over from a fast-moving wildfire that destroyed half the structures in tiny Bucyrus, North Dakota (13); and firefighters brought containment of a 353-acre wildfire burning near Custer, South Dakota, to 85% (14). A summary of wildfire activity across Nebraska is provided by the next item (15). An interesting graphic shows fire seasons past and present in British Columbia, Canada (16); while a 20-hectare wildfire near Burmis, Alberta, briefly threatened homes before being brought under control (17); but with only eight wildfires still smoldering in Northwest Ontario, dreary fall weather is effectively putting an end to the wildfire season there (18). Although smoke still covers some areas near Euleilah, Queensland, Australian firefighters have finally roped in a bushfire which breached containment lines, threatening homes (19). Despite the fact that the bushfire threat is easing in New South Wales, Rural Fire Service officials indicated that 80 bushfires were still burning (20); including a fast-moving grass fire near Casino (21). As Western Australia's Fire and Emergency Services Authority complained about only completing 3% of their controlled burns due to dry conditions, many homes in the Perth Hills are in danger from bushfires (22). And finally, a cautionary tale about professional fundraisers misleading donors contributing to the California State Firefighters Association under the pretense they will help with the battle against wildfires, something that organization does not do!

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