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Monday, July 02, 2012


Wildfire NOTD subscriber Dan Snyder, President of Neptune Aviation, comments in a National Public Radio segment about the aging heavy air-tanker fleet (1); while scientists in labs and universities across the country continue to investigate the relationship between pine mountain beetles and wildfires (2); and a video from CBS News discusses gains made by firefighters in the Western wildfires (3). In Southern California, firefighters battled a 96-acre wildfire in the San Gabriel Mountains near Wrightwood (4); while Wildfire NOTD subscriber Bettina Boxall, a Pulitzer Prize-winning Reporter with the Los Angeles Times, reports on the long, hot summer the West faces as wildfires continue to burn (5); a follow-on article summarizing homes lost in the current blazes (6); numerous wildfires cropping up in Northern California over the weekend (7); but a US Forest Service Plant Ecologist with the Pacific Southwest Research Station predicts that the wildfires in Colorado today may be emulated by the Golden State tomorrow (8). In Oregon, a 70-acre wildfire was burning in The Dalles (9). An 18,000-acre wildfire burning in Arizona's Tonto National Forest was apparently sparked by a gunshot (10); while University of Arizona personnel are assisting homeowners in reducing the risk their property faces from wildfires (11); but a 5,000-acre lightning-sparked wildfire was reported burning in New Mexico's Carlsbad Caverns National Park (12). Wildfire activity across Colorado is summarized by the next article (13); while firefighters plan to use air attacks to improve containment of a 13,731-acre wildfire burning near Grand Junction (14); but Fourth of July fireworks may be canceled statewide due to the wildfire danger they pose (15); Wildfire NOTD subscriber Chuck Bushey, Past President of the International Association of Wildland Fire (, sending along a time lapse video of the Waldo Canyon Fire (16); homeowners being provided a tour of the area are appalled by the destruction done (17); in the meantime, relief agencies like the Red Cross continue to work with Waldo Canyon Fire evacuees as they return home (18); while Pres. Obama urged donations to help wildfire survivors (19); prompting Bank of America to help by kicking $25,000 into the kitty (20); and Frontier Airlines decided to donate portions of retail sales to help (21); while a data recovery company is extending a $500 credit (22); and HomeAway offered reduced rates for evacuees from wildfires in several states (23); but the Colorado wildfires are now becoming a political hot potato (24); and an article from the Denver Post looks at the phenomenon of 250,000 new homeowners moving into Colorado's "Red Zone" (wildfire endangered) areas, making the danger of wildfires to civilians that much worse (25). Firefighters in Idaho had a couple of blazes to deal with (26); while a few learned some valuable lessons battling a wildfire near Pocatello last week that destroyed 66 homes (27). Wildfire activity in Utah is the topic of the next article (28). A wildfire in Wyoming's Medicine Bow National Forest forced evacuations in Albany County as it continued to expand (29). Wildfire NOTD subscriber Mead Gruver, a Reporter with the Associated Press, reported on an Air Force C-130 air-tanker that crashed while battling a wildfire in South Dakota (30); at least one of the six crewmen from the 145th Airlift Wing being confirmed dead (31); while firefighters had to battle a 3,000-acre wildfire, steep terrain, and rattlesnakes near Edgemont (32). A 1,000-acre wildfire burning in Nebraska National Forests and Grasslands is now 20% contained (33); and a lightning-sparked wildfire scorched upwards of 3 acres in Union County, Illinois, over the weekend (34). Missouri's Governor toured areas burned by wildfires in the Mark Twain National Forest (35); wildfire activity in Arkansas, where numerous blazes are burning, being the topic of the next article (36). Per a presidential directive, troops from Fort Campbell, Kentucky, took part in a wildland firefighting exercise as part of preparation to support the National Interagency Fire Center in firefighting efforts across the country (37); the next article taking a look at the network of 21 lookout towers maintained by the New Jersey Forest Fire Service (38). Firefighters in Virginia battling a 1,125-acre wildfire in the Shenandoah National Forest got some out-of-state help: crews from Texas (39); as well as some from Connecticut (40). South Carolina Forestry Commission firefighters battled a small wildfire in a Carolina Forest housing development (41). Heading to Canada, rangers from Ontario's Ministry of Natural Resources are on high alert as firefighters battle hotspots in several areas (42); while a pair of wildfires continue to burn near Inuvik, Northwest Territories (43). Wildfires forced 3,000 tourists to be evacuated from Spain's east coast (44); that story followed by a photo spread which provides images from the fireline outside of Valencia, where an estimated 50,000 ha have burned since Thursday (45); while the German Aerospace Institute's FireWatch early warning detection system is profiled in the next article (46). After a brief respite from rain, forest fires have once again broken out in Sarawak, Malaysia (47). An exhibit titled "Past, Present, Future: An Exhibition Commemorating the 10-Year Anniversary of the 2003 bushfires" takes a look back at the decade since a Canberra, Australia, bushfire blazed through the area (48); while concerns about building restrictions impacting the ability of homeowners to rebuild properties destroyed in the Black Saturday bushfires in Yarra Valley have prompted the Yarra Ranges Council to write a letter to Victoria's Planning Minister in protest (49); the International Association of Wildland Fire extending the call for papers deadline for their upcoming Wildland Fire Safety Summit in Sydney, New South Wales (50). And finally, San Diego Fire-Rescue firefighters had to perform a tricky extrication: getting a woman out of a pool table!

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