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Saturday, September 10, 2011


A wildfire burning near the Southern California community of Palm Springs on the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians Reservation was contained at 22 acres (1); while Wildfire NOTD subscriber Andrew Madsen, Public Affairs Officer for the Los Padres National Forest, reported numerous lightning-sparked wildfires today: "We've got 10 confirmed fire starts from the lightning moving through this morning. Most are small and will be picked up on IA but sending a spotter out to check on a column of smoke reported near Hurricane Deck in the San Rafael Wilderness" (2); and dry lightning sparked a number of wildfires in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties late yesterday as well (3). A summary of wildfire activity in Oregon is provided by the next article (4); where firefighters were making progress against wildfires burning there in spite of the temperature (5); while continuing to keep a wildfire burning on Mount Hood away from Portland's water supply (6). A 4,200-acre wildfire in Washington state's Klickitat County that has destroyed 64 buildings is now being fought by over 650 firefighters (7). A 100-acre wildfire burning in Truckee Meadows, Nevada, may impact air quality in Storey County (8); but it wasn't the only wildfire reported in that state (9). C-130 transports equipped with MAFFS units were the talk of the town in Boise, Idaho (10). The Texas Forest Service provided an update on fires burning in that state (11); where firefighters were finally making some gains battling numerous blazes across the region (12); and the DC-10 saw some action outside of Houston yesterday, performing six 12,000-gallon airstrikes to slow a wildfire (13); Wildfire NOTD subscriber Tom Eversole, Executive Director of American Helicopter Services & Aerial Firefighting Association, issuing a press release about the efforts of members Neptune Aviation, Erickson Air-Crane, and Columbia Helicopters in battling wildfires in Texas (14); but the physical toll exacted on firefighters battling those wildfires, which have burned about 3.6 million acres since the fire season began in November 2010, is examined by the next article (15); the firefighters' plight not helped by $16 million in cuts to equipment grant programs for volunteers by the state (16); the complicated topic of federal/state firefighting funding in that state being explored by the next article (17); while the Austin Humane Society, which has been helping many pets injured in the Texas wildfires, is profiled by the next article (18). Some Texas evacuees are being allowed to return to assess the damage done to their homes (19); the next article taking a look at the generosity of Texans helping those who've lost everything in the wildfires (20); including performances at the Nutty Brown amphitheater to benefit the Travis County Red Cross (21); and among those helping with Texas relief efforts, the Small Business Administration will extend low-interest federal disaster loans of between $40,000 and $200,000 to homeowners and businesses hard hit by the wildfires (22); but even out-of-staters are making substantial donations (23). A 1,750-acre wildfire which has been burning in Minnesota's Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness is evidently the source of smoky skies over the Twin Cities (24); but wildfires are proving healthier for the ecosystem (25). A contingent of 30 firefighters from the Ohio Division of Forestry has arrived to help with the Texas wildfires (26). Having found nearly 100 abandoned campfires in campgrounds throughout the province, the British Columbia, Canada, Ministry of Forests is reminding visitors of the penalties for leaving a campfire unattended (27); while several new wildfires have been reported in northwestern Ontario due to increased temperatures (28). With 95% of the wildfires in Kenya, Africa, being caused by humans, the 14-nation Collaborative Partnership on Forests is calling for better agricultural practices to prevent wildfires (29). Nearly 900 hot spots were reported as forest fires raging in Sumatra, Indonesia, forced the closure of some schools (30); and smoke from them could have an impact on the SEA games as well (31). Although the Victoria, Australia, government has promised to commit $50 million to fixing power lines in bushfire areas, some feel they should voice their commitment more frequently (32); while the next article takes a look at new maps released to comply with recommendations from the Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission (33). The Western Australia Police Commissioner voiced his confidence in their partnership with Fire and Emergency Services Authority in regards to dealing with bushfires (34); which is a good thing considering the 10,000 ha bushfire burning near the Great Northern Highway outside of Port Hedland (35). And finally, a new thermal viewer developed for the military could also have some applications in firefighting!

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