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Thursday, May 14, 2009


Our first item in wildfire news was submitted by Steve Erie, UCSD political science professor and member of the San Diego Regional Fire Safety Forum, about San Diego's minimal fire taxation compared to other counties; followed by an example of that as another article examines San Diego's diminished airborne wildfire plan in light of budget shortfalls. In the aftermath of the Jesusita Fire, a look at wildfires in California, and the chief cause of the worst of them, is provided by the next article; followed by an eyewitness account of how terrain has been altered by the Santa Barbara wildfire. A high-wind warning is in effect for Santa Barbara today, something that has firefighters on edge; while an Op-Ed piece from Ukiah, California, discusses an often-overlooked aspect of wildfire preparation: insurance coverage. CAL FIRE responded quickly to a wildfire in a remote section of a Stanislaus County park, throwing air-tankers and firefighters into the fight. A former volunteer firefighter was sentenced in Idaho for setting a 1,200 acre wildfire; and Texas Forest Service is trying to rope in a 200 acre wildfire started by illegal aliens trying to block pursuers. Three pre-teen children are being charged with setting a Florida wildfire that destroyed some homes on Mother's Day; folks from University of Central Florida are taking an active role in informing residents bordering the campus about how to prevent wildfires as that area suffers through a drought and attendant wildfires; and regrowth of swampland in Florida's Big Cypress Swamp after a massive wildfire is detailed in the next item. Alaskan firefighters are dealing with a wildfire on the Kenai Peninsula. The cleanup of debris left behind by the Canadian wildfires in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is proceeding. The following article gives readers a glimpse at Russia's current wildfire situation and the forces they have at their disposal: 7,600 people and over 1,500 apparatus, including 39 airplanes and helicopters. A new study just published in Nature Geoscience underscores the human element in Indonesia's rampant wildfires. An Op-Ed piece from Australia decries the mistakes made in the Black Saturday bushfires that cost so many lives; followed by an article about an Australian researcher who has concluded that fuzzy decisions on whether to 'stay and defend' or evacuate early caused a significant number of deaths in the Black Saturday bushfires. A detailed breakdown of expenditures and remaining bushfire relief funds is provided in the next item. The Australian government will be giving bushfire survivors a small stipend with which to purchase winter clothing; but of even more value to bushfire survivors, a company that provides temporary housing may have a longer-term solution.

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