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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


The Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club will be hosting a presentation entitled "Recovering From the Station Fire: The 2011 Update" in which regrowth of areas in Southern California burned by that 2009 wildfire will be examined (1). A wildfire burning south of Patagonia, Arizona, has scorched 4,000 acres (2); but Prescott National Forest will be setting some fires of their own throughout the week (3). The next article provides an update on wildfires burning in Colorado (4); followed by an announcement by the US Forest Service, which will be hosting a Large Airtanker Forum in Boise, Idaho, on April 19th (those interested in attending are advised to RSVP) (5). A 50-acre wildfire is being mopped up near Mannford, Oklahoma (6); even as a seven-day burn ban has been enacted in Pittsburg County (7). As wildfire conditions worsen in West Texas, Texas Forest Service has forward-deployed bulldozers, fire engines and aircraft to potential trouble spots (8); at a time when firefighters in Odessa had a pair of grass fires to deal with (9). A wildfire academy will be conducted in Nebraska's Fort Robinson State Park next month (10); and Montana's Department of Natural Resources and Conservation will be assuming more responsibility for areas located in the Lolo National Forest under a new plan with the US Forest Service (11); while more information on controlled burns planned for Illinois' Kane County Forest Preserve District is provided in the next item (12). Firefighters in Arkansas managed to rope in 13 wildfires, but increased wind could worsen the situation in that state today (13); while numerous wildfires were reported in Bradley County, Tennessee, yesterday afternoon and again this morning (14). South Carolina Forestry Commission is working with the judicial branch of state government to increase fines levied against people who conduct illegal burns (15). Florida Division of Forestry reported that wildfires have burned 43,000 acres across the state since the beginning of the year (16); where authorities are looking for a serial arsonist who has been busy in Brevard County (17); prompting officials in Lee County to remind residents of the extreme wildfire danger at the moment (18). Firefighters battling a lava-sparked wildfire that has scorched 1,800 acres at Hawaiian Volcanoes National Park got a break when a rainstorm quenched much of the blaze (19). Gambia's continued efforts to mount an anti-bushfire campaign in that African country are chronicled in the next article (20); but a weary firefighter, tired out after battling blazes in South Africa's Western Cape, was killed when the fire truck he was lying under ran over him (21). In an example of cause and effect, bushfires denuding the slopes near Victoria, Australia's, Yarra Valley Racing Club pose a flood hazard which is forcing the closure of its racehorse training track (22); which adds more importance to Country Fire Authority's offer to evaluate bushfire danger on properties in that state (23). The Municipal Association of Victoria is recruiting volunteers to aid in preparing for future bushfires (24); while a proposed change to planning rules in Nillumbik could prevent homeowners from rebuilding their places if they burned in a bushfire (25); and Victoria's government has restarted the Powerline Bushfire Safety Taskforce discussions after a brief break (26). The New South Wales state government is being petitioned by a local council over its decision to build an apartment complex in an area prone to bushfires (27); while the Rural Fire Service discusses a program to help seniors and infirm individuals with bushfire preparations in the next article (28). Three bushfires have been reported in parts of Western Australia (29). And finally, our last article today takes a look at how leading-edge technology was explored as a solution to fighting wildfires in 1919!

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