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Friday, April 01, 2011


Homeowners in Multnomah County, Oregon, saw a graphic representation of the wildfire risk posed to some Portland neighborhoods (1); while a meeting of numerous fire agencies in Santa Fe, New Mexico, took a look at the fire season ahead in a state which has already seen over 100,000 acres burn so far this year (2); including a wildfire that burned 77 acres on a dude ranch (3). A wind-driven wildfire which burned 5 acres in a Colorado Springs, Colorado, park appears to have been deliberately set (4); but hundreds of residents of Douglas County turned out to thank firefighters for their efforts in battling the Burning Tree Fire last week (5). Firefighters reported two grass fires southeast of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, yesterday (6). Fire crews battled an oil well fire that turned into a grass fire in the Texas Panhandle (7); while air-tankers were requested to help battle a 60-acre wildfire in Garza County (8); the next article providing a closer look at the Texas Intrastate Fire Mutual Aid System (9). Maine Forest Service reported that an elderly man died of burns sustained when his prescribed burn got out of control (10); and a wildfire in Shirley, Massachusetts, may have been caused by a passing freight train (11). After a busy week in which Georgia saw wildfires in Long, Bacon, Ware and Clinch counties burn over 38,000 acres, Forestry Commission firefighters will be on guard for more blazes this weekend (12). As Taiwanese Chinese observe Tomb Sweeping Day, fire officials are on edge in some areas where half the wildfires are caused by burning paper money at such ceremonies (13); but India has been having problems with slash and burn agriculture, along with hunting expeditions, causing numerous forest fires in Koraput, Malkangiri and Rayagada Districts (14); and forest fires set by palm plantation personnel to clear land are producing a smoke hazard in the Indonesian state of Riau (15). Two bushfires were reported in Western Australia (16); where firefighters had one additional hazard to deal with: unexploded ordnance! (17) And finally, an important safety tip is illustrated by the experience of firefighters in Kent, Connecticut: keep your apparatus away from the wildfire!

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