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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


A new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences projects that climate change will continue to thin forests in the southwestern United States, where an estimated 18% of the timber has already fallen prey to wildfires and bark beetles (1); while Tangent Link sent along an announcement about their upcoming aerial firefighting conference in Washington DC next March (2). A five-acre wildfire that was reported in Florida yesterday will be allowed to burn itself out (3); but a string of deliberately-set wildfires near Palm Bay is being investigated (4). Central Chile is suffering through a number of wildfires which National Forestry Corporation firefighters and soldiers are battling (5); but Lebanon's Civil Defense organization has received six new firefighting trucks to bolster their wildland firefighting capability a week after wildfires ravaged the countryside, forcing hundreds to flee (6). Israeli officials expressed their heartfelt thanks for the international assistance they received during the recent Carmel Forest fires (7); while the Prime Minister feels that a regional wildland firefighting force would do more than just help fight wildfires - it could help mend fences politically as well (8); although the path towards cooperation still has a few obstacles to overcome, as the next article shows (9). An Israeli forester comments on the unique situation of forests and wildfires in that country (10); while a wildfire was reported yesterday in Azerbaijan by the Ecology and Natural Rescores Ministry, the fourth blaze so far this month (11). A farmer used an excavator to clear lanes for firefighting equipment during a bushfire that burned on New Zealand's Pouto Peninsula (12); but now that it's out, wildfire investigators have been called in to determine the cause (13). Failure to embrace a high-tech approach to dealing with bushfires may have cost Victoria, Australia's, previous government officials their jobs (14); followed by an article about how new research provides some insight into the flammability of domestic and exotic vegetation in New South Wales (15). The new Chief Officer for South Australia's Country Fire Service is profiled in the next article (16). A wildfire that burned outside of Perth, Western Australia, was brought under control by firefighters assisted by air-tankers (17); where a visitor from England had an unexpectedly close encounter with the blazes (18). And finally, a young woman who lost many friends to the Black Saturday bushfires is realizing her dream of becoming a paramedic!

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