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Monday, November 05, 2012


As forests worldwide dwindle, in part due to wildfires, our first article takes a look at "The Little Forest Finance Book", which highlights ways to increase forest-friendly sustainable finance (1); the next article discussing an additional $400 million Congress dispersed to federal agencies to help with firefighting cost overruns (2). Southern California is once again bracing for Santa Ana winds through this afternoon (3); and homeowners in Lake Tahoe were reminded to properly dispose of fireplace ashes as the wildfire danger remains high (4); while the California Fire Science Consortium sent along their November newsletter (5). A fire ecology photographer from US Forest Service will speak at Washington State University on the topic of "Fire and Forests, East of the Cascade Divide" on November 15th (6). Wildfire activity in southern Colorado is the focus of the next article (7); where several federal agencies are accepting proposals from contractors to reduce the wildfire danger (8). A habitat resource biologist from South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Department discusses the benefits of prescribed burning for wildlife habitat (9); and the benefits of wildfires were expounded by a member of Minnesota Department of Natural Resources as well (10). The next article takes a look at how Onslow County, North Carolina, used the Federal Excess Personnel Property Loan Program to get a badly-needed brush truck to fight wildfires (11); while a demonstration held in Florida's Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park showed the benefits of controlled burns in reducing wildfire-prone invasive weeds (12). Alberta, Canada's, Environment and Sustainable Resource Development feels that they are improving wildfire awareness and preparedness across the province (13); but firefighters in Manly, New Zealand, responded to a bushfire sparked by fireworks (14). In Australia, the Victorian community of Blackwood will be participating in a Country Fire Authority-sponsored bushfire drill (15); while bushfire building restrictions have been relaxed in parts of Whittlesea through rezoning (16); and Fire Ready Victoria will make a presentation November 22nd in Riddells Creek (17); the following article providing an update on the state's Bushfire Buyback scheme (18). After South Australia was pounded by 80,000 lightning strikes, fire crews are battling 17 bushfires (19); including one on the Eyre Peninsula (20). In Western Australia, a 1-hectare bushfire was quickly brought under control in Grampians National Park (21); but heavy, tinder dry fuel loads have fire authorities preparing for the worst (22); even as the Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes is experimenting with special markers to indicate property has been evacuated during a bushfire (23); and several agencies set up at Adventureland Park in the Shire of Esperance to remind people of the bushfire danger (24); the following article taking a closer look at Project Vesta, a collaboration of several organizations which aims to better predict bushfire activity (25). And finally, the World Firefighter Games has crowned the world's toughest firefighter in Sydney, Australia!

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(26) Fire-fighting fit! Woman firefighter, 33, is crowned world’s toughest after triumphing in competition against 5,000 hopefuls from across the globe

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