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Saturday, September 29, 2012


The International Association of Wildland Fire, sent along an invitation to an upcoming webinar that will explore the issue of prescribed fires across the US (1); while the next article provides some statistics on wildfires in the US (2). An editorial discusses what California's controversial new fire fee levied against 800,000 rural residents statewide actually covers (3). Oregon Department of Forestry provided a summary of wildfire activity in the state (4); where fire crews battling the 26,000-acre Pole Creek Fire have brought containment to 85% (5); and folks rehabilitating parts of the Klamath and Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest burned by the Goff Fire are racing to complete their work ahead of the rains of fall (6). A meeting will be held in Ellensburg, Washington, on October 13th to inform property-owners about restoring land ravaged by the 23,500-acre Taylor Bridge Fire (7); the impact of wildfires that have scorched over 1 million acres of rangeland on ranchers being examined by the next item (8). In a year which has seen 253 fires burn 151,435 acres, Nevada's fire season has been extended by two weeks due to continued dry conditions in the northeastern part of the state (9); while two cousins convicted of starting a major wildfire in Arizona's Apace-Sitgreaves National Forest in 2011 may have to pay $3.5 million in restitution (10). The impact of the Waldo Canyon Fire on air travel at Colorado Springs Airport is the focus of the next article (11); but despite some light rain, Idaho's 117-square-mile McGuire Complex wildfire remains just 10% contained (12). Fire officials on Utah's Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest plan to conduct a 570-acre controlled burn in October (13). Fire crews quickly snuffed a small wildfire that was reported in Wyoming's Gallatin National Forest (14); while an after-action report details how firefighters' quick response saved a number of structures in Montana's Bitterroot National Forest (15). Several wildfires were reported near North Platte, Nebraska, on Friday (16); and Minnesota's Department of Natural Resources is warning residents in the northwestern part of that state about the extreme fire danger after battling 210 blazes so far this year (17). Wildfire conditions remain extreme across 60% of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, despite the onset of Canada's fall (18). In Italy, wildfire smoke is sullying Sicilian skies in Palermo and Messina (19); but despite a recent wildfire, Mt. Batur, Indonesia, is open to hikers again (20). FESA is issuing bushfire warnings for regions across Western Australia (21). And finally, firefighters in Montana have a new tool in battling wildfires: iPads!

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