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Monday, March 25, 2013


A 5-acre Southern California wildfire forced the evacuation of a homeless camp along Lytle Creek Saturday (1); while a wildfire that burned outside of Hayfork last fall uncovered a crash site from World War II (2). The FAA's decision to close the control tower at Klamath Falls, Oregon, could impact air-tanker operations this summer (3). A radio segment addressed the wildfire danger faced by property owners in southeastern Arizona this year (4); and in Albuquerque, New Mexico, firefighters will be checking the remains of a foothill wildfire for hot spots today (5). An out of control prescribed burn sparked a two-acre wildfire in Grand Junction, Colorado (6); while an amendment by US Senator Mark Udall that would provide $100 million for next-generation air-tankers passed in the Senate this weekend (7); and a survivor of 2011's Crystal Fire has written a handbook that aims to help homeowners avoid some of the pitfalls she encountered in preparing for and surviving a wildfire (8). A bill that would provide $1.7 million to help fire crews battle wildfires in rural Nebraska passed a legislative committee 36-0 (9). Firefighters from Massachusetts' Department of Conservation and Recreation who fight wildfires out West are profiled in the next article (10); but an abundance of rainfall in coastal North Carolina has reduced the danger of drought and the resultant wildfires (11). A wildfire forced 2,500 people from their homes in St. Lucie County, Florida, over the weekend (12); while Florida Forest Service aircraft checked for lightning-sparked wildfires from the air (13); but despite rain from local thunderstorms, the Marion County Multi-Agency Wildland Task Force imposed a voluntary burn ban to reduce the danger of wildfires (14). A total of 11 wildfires scorched 2,500 hectares in Mexico's San Luis Potosi state (15). In the Philippines, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources will be trying some new strategies and tactics this fire season (16); while Thailand's Royal Forest Department dismissed claims that a forest fire killed 37 people in a refugee camp in Mae Hong Song province (17). In the ongoing Black Saturday class-action suit against Australian energy utility SP AusNet, a survivor from Victoria discussed how his PTSD impacted his awareness of the bushfire danger during the Kilmore East bushfire (18); while a researcher from the University of Melbourne discusses the impact of bushfires on Victoria's water supply in a video segment (19). The issue of "survivor's guilt" affecting bushfire survivors in New South Wales is examined by the next article (20). Over 40 claimants have initiated a second lawsuit against the Western Australian government in regards to losses from the 2011 Margaret River bushfires (21); but in the meantime, a bushfire advice has been issued for Millstream Chichester National Park due to lightning-sparked bushfires (22). Heavy fuel loads have Tasmania's Chief Fire Officer warning that the bushfire season is not quite over yet (23); even as bushfire crews were honored for yeoman work during this fire season at an event in Hobart (24). And finally, firefighters in Temple, Texas, rescued three dogs from a burning garage, once again proving that firefighters are a dog's best friend!

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