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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Wildfire news was in short supply today (not a bad thing), but the quantity is more than made up for by the quality, leading off with a press release about help being provided to homeowners whose landscaping was damaged by Southern California wildfires, something that most people probably don't even consider before a fire, but which is important nonetheless after one. A letter from nearly 100 'green groups' addressing many fire- and forest-related concerns (including establishment of a comprehensive firefighting fund so that agencies like USFS and CAL FIRE won't be drained financially by mega-fires) has been transmitted to President-Elect Obama. An article from The New York Times discusses an Interior Dept internal investigation that demonstrates skewing of data within that department, particularly in regards to endangered species (something which could reverse the findings of an article from the 12/12 issue of 'News Of The Day' about the Sage Grouse). Next up, an article from CO2 Science about the biomass burning study done some months ago, followed by one on a University of Oregon report on how climate change could affect that area in the future. Finally, Australians in New South Wales are feeling the heat (and the low humidity), likening the conditions to those during the devastating Canberra bushfires of 2003.

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