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Saturday, November 22, 2008


In wildfire news today, the company hired to clear burn sites after the 2007 wildfires in San Diego County is in trouble due to perceived overcharging and abundant sub-standard work. Two articles out of the Bear Valley News discuss restoration of trees in burn/beetle-kill areas and fire restrictions to reduce fires in that area. In a bizarre twist to the arson investigation after the Esperanza Fire in which five federal firefighters were killed, a federal fire-prevention technician was also suspected of starting that and several other blazes, as the next article details. SCE is offering a couple of beneficial options to people whose homes were damaged or destroyed by the recent wildfires. A controlled burn up in a Central California wilderness park brought back uneasy memories of the terrible fire there to residents, and an Op-Ed piece from the Bay Area provides options on how California could address the cost of wildfires during tough financial times. An innovative program in Minnesota is helping forest owners to clear dangerous vegetation to reduce the wildfire threat, while Virginia forest dwellers are searching for a way to prevent downed power lines from igniting vegetation in their back yards. An article from Cape Cod explains the virtue of controlled burns in their forested areas, comparing the strategy with that same practice by fire agencies in New England over the years. Next up, two articles that are poles apart (geographically as well as philosophically) in regards to rainfall after fires. Yesterday a wildfire knocked out power in New Zealand, but today it was Australia's turn, as a power pole was felled by a bushfire, plunging residents of Cooktown into the dark. And finally, firefighters as treasure-hunters in Orange County.

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