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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Wildfires in Southern California's Inland Empire closed Interstate 15 in the Cajon Pass and forced the evacuation of 50 homes near Perris (1); the fire in Cajon Pass now estimated to be 60% contained after burning 400 acres (2). Highway 395 was closed briefly as wildfires burned in several parts of Oregon (3); Central Oregon Interagency Dispatch Center providing more information on them, including a 700-acre blaze near Madras (4); while a man visiting Yamhill County may have to pay fire suppression costs for a wildfire he started with fireworks (5); and to counter an increased wildfire danger in Jackson and Josephine counties, Oregon Department of Forestry has increased fire restrictions on local industry (6). Firefighters brought containment on a 458-acre wildfire burning near Leavenworth, Washington, up to 90% (7); while a 400-acre wildfire burning near Grand Coulee Dam forced evacuation advisories (8); and another small wildfire was reported in northwest Spokane (9). Arizona's governor will be present at the reopening of the Big Lake Recreation Area, which was threatened by the Wallow Fire (10). Firefighters battled a 120-acre wildfire burning on the northwest side of Idaho National Laboratory Monday (11); while firefighters gained the upper hand on multiple lightning-sparked wildfires that burned 4,000 acres between them in southern Idaho (12); all the wildfire activity prompting fire officials to warn visitors to the Boise National Forest about the wildfire danger (13). Due to increased wind and temperatures across the region, the Rocky Mountain Area Coordination Center raised the wildfire danger indicators for much of Colorado, as well as western Kansas, western Nebraska, western South Dakota, and pretty much all of Wyoming (14). Texas Forest Service was one of several agencies responding to a 250-acre wildfire in Harrison County (15); while three firefighters suffered heat-related injuries at a wildfire outside of Wichita Falls (16); but two wildfires sparked on the grounds of Fort Hood by training exercises over the weekend have burned through 8,000 acres so far (17). A wildfire in Wyoming's Bridger-Teton National Forest has burned 1,800 acres (18); and a 6,000-acre wildfire burning near Wheatland is now 20% contained (19). A number of new wildfires have cropped up across Montana (20); while in Louisiana, the parishes of Caddo and Bossier have declared a state of emergency due to drought and wildfires (21). Firefighters snuffed a two-acre wildfire burning in Botetourt County, Virginia, last night (22); followed by an article about the ecological benefits of the 6,000-acre wildfire burning in the Great Dismal Swamp Wildlife Reserve (23). British Columbia, Canada's, Forest Service firefighters eliminated a small wildfire burning in the Chilliwack River Valley (24); while another article takes a look at that province's quietest fire season in a decade (25); but Ontario has broken a different kind of record, after seeing 706 fires burn 622,029 hectares (26). In the Mediterranean basin, wildfires were reported in Spain, Italy, Albania, Cyprus, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, and Bosnia, as well as the North African nations of Algeria and Tunisia (27). Heading to Australia, New South Wales' Mid North Coast Bush Fire will declare September 1 the beginning of the Bush Fire Danger Period (28); nevertheless, recent rain has bought residents a little time to better prepare for the inevitable bushfires of summer (29). Queensland Fire and Rescue Service is urging residents of that state to familiarize themselves with the bushfire warning system (30); while Fire and Emergency Services Authority provided updates on bushfire activity in Western Australia (31); Northern Territory Emergency Services putting Darwin and other communities on high bushfire alert (32). And finally, firefighters in Michigan performing a live-fire exercise on an unoccupied house also got to perform the rescue of the raccoon family living inside!

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