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Tuesday, August 06, 2013


As the Falls Fire broke out in Southern California's Cleveland National Forest, DC-10s were called in to help, 10 Tanker Air Carrier CEO Rick Hatton offering the following comments last night:

910 flew two on the Falls fire, one from SMX and one from SBD. 911 was ordered south from MWH to SBD, presumably for use tomorrow. Please be advised that John Gould, Manager, Aviation at BLM will be joining 10 Tanker as Manager, Business Development effective upon his retirement from BLM this month. We are pleased to welcome John as we grow the fleet of DC 10s to meet future requirements worldwide.

Wildfire NOTD subscribers Rich Brooks and Dave Downey, Reporters for the Riverside Press-Enterprise, teaming up to deliver an update on the 1,500-acre Falls Fire (1); an NBC News segment providing video of the firefight (2); the treacherous nature of wildfires in the Cleveland National Forest having been demonstrated by the deadly Decker Canyon Fire in 1959 (3); but an arsonist who set the 3,700-acre Hemlock Fire that resulted in the death of a firefighting helicopter pilot committed suicide while being pursued by law enforcement officers (4); a two-acre wildfire broke out in San Francisco's Presidio early this morning (5); and another two-acre wildfire in Mendocino National Forest was quickly contained after multiple agencies responded to the blaze (6); while the 5,727-acre Salmon River Complex Fire was only 11% contained in Siskiyou County (7). Fire crews continued to grapple with wildfires in Southwest Oregon as a forecast of more lightning raised the possibility of more wildfires (8); even as the Oregon National Guard joined the fight (9); and fire crews from Florida Forest Service made preparations to assist as well (10); but shifting wind patterns will likely flood the Portland area and the Willamette Valley with wildfire smoke this week (11). Firefighters from Washington state's South Kitsap Fire and Rescue Department continue to monitor a slow-moving wildfire that has scorched 2-3 acres so far (12); while a wildfire in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness near Leavenworth has closed some hiking trails (13). A CBS News segment discusses the plight of Granite Mountain Hotshot families who are being denied long-term death benefits because some of the firefighters were considered seasonal, not full-time firefighters (14); but although wildfires have burned parts of Coconino County, officials stated that recent flooding was not exacerbated by the damage done (15). US Forest Service has banned exploding targets in national forests in Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota due to the fire danger they pose (16). Newly released 911 calls from Colorado's El Paso County Sheriff's Office detail the beginnings of the Black Forest Fire that went on to destroy 488 homes (17); while the Boulder Office of Emergency Management reported that preliminary results from a survey show that residents are most concerned about wildfire, drought and floods (18); and two residents of Black Forest urged their neighbors to be good stewards of the land to reduce the danger of wildfires (19). Deforestation from old wildfires has helped firefighters battling a 5,270-acre wildfire in Idaho's Boise National Forest bring the containment level to 46% (20); while thunderstorms apparently spawned two wildfires in Caribou County that required the deployment of smokejumpers and air-tankers to the area (21); US Forest Service officials discussing the positive and negative effects wildfires have on forest ecosystems (22). An update on wildfire activity in Montana, where Stage I wildfire restrictions were enacted for the western part of the state, is provided in the next article (23); and Alaska Division of Forestry reported that the Long Creek Fire was contained at 84 acres (24). Firefighters in British Columbia, Canada, continue to monitor a two-hectare wildfire that broke out Sunday in Ellison Provincial Park (25). Fire activity scaled back considerably in Europe, with only six wildfires active in Italy, Greece, and Turkey (26); nevertheless, the government of Greece declared a wildfire emergency (27); wildfires prompting evacuations as they spread (28). A large forest fire was reported in Lebanon's Akkar District (29); and Central China's Hunan Province reported that 55 wildfires had cropped up since July 1st during an extended hot spell (30). In Australia, the Bushfire Danger Period for parts of New South Wales has started months early this year (31). And finally, Smokey Bear got up close and personal with campers at Michigan's Van Riper campgrounds!

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