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Monday, November 22, 2010


Damp, cool weather in Southern California has allowed US Forest Service to lift campfire bans in San Diego County (1). The next article takes a look at Arizona's White Mountain Stewardship Project, which aims to treat 150,000 acres of the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest to reduce the wildfire threat (2); but elsewhere in that state, changing environmental conditions are forcing a reevaluation of plans for the Coconino National Forest (3). Due to an abundance of grass, the wildfire danger in southwest New Mexico's Grant County remains high (4); and thinning of vegetation in Eagle County, Colorado, seeks to make the area less prone to wildfires (5). US Forest Service has removed the burn ban for Indiana's Hoosier National Forest following drenching rains (6); but the ongoing battle to preserve two fire lookout towers in New York state's Adirondack Mountains is revisited by the next article (7). Two wildfires in Virginia's George Washington National Forest are now 75% contained after burning hundreds of acres (8); and firefighters in Effingham County, Georgia, struggled to keep a field fire from becoming a wildfire (9). Florida Division of Forestry firefighters battled a blaze in Martin County that threatened structures nearby (10); where the Indian River County Historical Society is having some difficulties moving forward with a fire lookout tower's restoration (11). After spending $16 million to upgrade its communications gear, Victoria's Country Fire Authority feels it's ready for the Australian bushfire season (12); while the Fire & Emergency Services Authority warned residents of the Western Australia community of Darlington about the danger posed by a nearby bushfire (13). The South Australia community of Port Lincoln is going to be a bit smoky as Country Fire Service conducts controlled burns in the area (14); but after Queensland experienced 4,491 bushfires over the previous fire season, residents of Bribie Island are being urged to become more cognizant of the bushfires danger (15). And finally, a US firefighter sounds off on the problem of firefighter-set arsons.

(1) Forest Service allowing local campfires

(2) Arizona conservation project aims to fight fire, save forests

(3) Future being mapped for Coconino National Forest

(4) Southwest NM still has wildfire danger

(5) Project eases wildfire risk in Basalt neighborhood

(6) USDA lifts ban on open fires in Hoosier National Forest

(7) Preservationists split on Adirondack fire towers

(8) Fire in George Washington National Forest grows to about 560 acres, 2nd fire burns 83 acres

(9) Hayfield fire keeps firefighters busy Friday

(10) Brush fire threatening two buildings in Martin County

(11) Indian River County fire tower could further deteriorate during restoration delay

(12) Firefighters ready to take this season's heat

(13) Bushfire alert for Darlington

(14) Burn-off at Port Lincoln

(15) Bribie at risk of bushfires

(16) Firefighter arson phenomenon needs to be addressed

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