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Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Today in wildfire news, Helicopter Association International provides an update on the FLAME Act's progress through Congress; but in trendy Malibu, California, a resident has grand ideas of how to better protect the community from wildfires. The bane of firefighters, private homes bordering forested public lands are becoming a major drag on firefighting funds, as the next article points out; and in Wisconsin, fire season is on the horizon. Two stories out of Minnesota today: the firefighter who was arrested for arson yesterday was known to have a criminal history, but was hired anyway; at a time when wildfire officials are warning residents of that state to watch debris fires as the fire danger increases. As wildfires continue across Oklahoma, a home was torched by a grass fire on the outskirts of Oklahoma City; and a grass fire caused some headaches for Texas Forest Service firefighters as well. A wildfire that burned some acreage in West Virginia last month has been attributed to a passing train; but as lightning strikes hit parts of Florida, some residents fear floods and others fear fires. Firefighters in the province of Alberta, Canada, is looking at a new wildfire season, wondering what it will hold. Heading Down Under, communications, critical in a bushfire emergency, proved to be the Achilles heel of the Country Fire Service during the Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria. With losses of up to $100,000 to farmers due to bushfire damage, the Australian government is discussing ways to help financially; and the Bushfire Royal Commission has wrapped up public hearings on the Black Saturday bushfires. Researchers in Australia are predicting more deaths related to bushfire smoke effects as bushfires worsen. But in a sign of progress, Victoria's Environment Minister announced that state parks affected by the bushfires will be reopening this coming weekend.

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