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Monday, April 09, 2012


First up today, Wildfire NOTD subscriber Ed Kleiman, Corporate Wildland Operations Coordinator for GelTech Solutions, sent along a video showing some impressive footage of the DC-10 VLAT being loaded with FireIce (1); followed by an Op-Ed piece by a former firefighter from Oregon who argues that helicopters can fill the gap in the firefighting air force until US Forest Service brings new heavy air-tankers into the inventory (2). Air-tankers swarmed a 1,400-acre wildfire burning in northern Minnesota (3); while National Weather Service advised Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources of an elevated wildfire danger across the state (4); but fire officials are waiting for favorable weather to set a number of controlled burns across southeast Michigan (5); and the National Weather Service is forecasting an elevated fire danger today in Illinois (6). A 20-acre wildfire was reported outside of Cogan House, Pennsylvania (7); but the person who ignited a wildfire which burned 15-20 acres in Perry County may have a hefty fine to pay if apprehended (8); the next article taking a look at the Department of Conservation of Natural Resources' air-tanker fleet deployments (9). Firefighters in North Hampton, Massachusetts, battled a small wildfire over the weekend (10); and firefighters in Andover fear that wildfires may continue all summer (11); four other wildfires being reported across the state (12). Smoke from a massive wildfire burning in Staten Island, New York, snarled traffic on a nearby expressway (13); while New Jersey Forest Fire Service has determined that two wildfires which burned in the Pinelands last week were indeed arson (14); and firefighters in Delaware Township were cleaning up in the aftermath of a two-acre wildfire that may have been sparked by power lines (15); but a 600-acre wildfire in Burlington County threatens over two dozen homes (16). Firefighters in Harford County, Maryland, battled an 18-acre blaze on Sunday (17). Wildfire NOTD subscriber Rodger Ozburn, a Wildland Fire Specialist with West Virginia Division of Forestry, commented on nearly 3 dozen wildfires which scorched over 200 acres this weekend in that state (18). Five counties in Virginia have seen hundreds of acres go up in smoke as wildfire activity increases in that state (19); even as National Weather Service issued wildfire warnings for 18 northern counties in North Carolina (20). Wildfires are burning 11,500 on acres in northeastern Florida (21); lingering smoke from fires in the Ocala National Forest causing some breathing problems for nearby residents (22); all of which, no doubt, drives home the point of Wildfire Awareness Week in that state (23). Canadian authorities apprehended youthful arsonists who set a weekend blaze outside the community of Elliot Lake, Ontario (24). Data from major wildfire seasons between 2005 and 2010 has scientists worried that South America's Amazon rainforest could suffer severe losses due to continued blazes (25); while, in the UK, Bracknell Forest Council is establishing firebreaks in Swinley Forest to prevent catastrophic wildfires like the ones that burned through the area in 2011 (26). Burn specialists in Australia worried that a lack of skin tissue could have serious consequences if another major bushfire siege like Black Saturday occurred (27); at the same time, mental health specialists are concerned about recovery rates from Black Saturday survivors, so a survey will be conducted by the University of Melbourne over the next five years to gauge the progress of people suffering from mental trauma (28). And finally, although Australian wildlife biologists from New South Wales' Office of Environment and Heritage believed the greater glider possum population in Royal National Park was wiped out by devastating bushfires in 1994, they were ecstatic after new sightings!

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