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Friday, July 29, 2011


Firefighters have increased containment on Southern California's Eagle Fire, which has burned 14,100 acres on San Diego County's Los Coyotes Indian Reservation, to 80% (1); the next article taking a look at US Forest Service’s regional pack stock program, which helps provide supplies to firefighters battling blazes in remote areas, like Sequoia National Forest's Lion Fire (2); where an unrelated structure fire destroyed Needles Fire Lookout Tower (3); but some residents of the San Joaquin Valley probably wish they would wrap up that wildfire, which is fouling the air with smoke (4); a sentiment that is echoed by residents of Reno, Nevada, which is also being plagued by smoke from that fire (5). The arrival of monsoonal rains is allowing New Mexico's Santa Fe National Forest to relax fire restrictions this weekend (6); but the next article takes a look at the devastation wrought to Bandelier National Monument by wildfires (7). Several wildfires were blamed on target shooting by Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands (8); eliciting a protest by gun advocates (9). Firefighters were hoping to conduct burnout operations in Wyoming's Washakie Wilderness today (10); but a small wildfire was apparently kindled by lightning strikes in Yellowstone National Park (11). The Avalanche-Butte Fire, which is burning in Montana, has reached 32 acres in size (12); and a grass fire was reported in Taylor County, Texas, yesterday (13). Meanwhile in Canada, British Columbia's Wildfire Management Branch has deployed 1,720 personnel to Ontario to help fight their wildfires so far this fire season (14); where, although 104 wildfires are still burning, only three new ones have been reported (15); and not all of Ontario's evacuees have been homeowners, as the next story about Goldcorp Inc.'s Musselwhite Mine demonstrates (16). Wildfire activity in the Mediterranean Basin included reports of blazes in Portugal, Italy, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, and Algeria (19); more details on the Portuguese fires provided by the next article (18). Many parts of Russia are on fire, with 21,500 ha currently ablaze, raising the temperature in places like Moscow past 40°C (19); additional details being provided in the following article (20). Government ecologists in Australia Capital Territory were delighted with another sighting of pygmy possums in Namadgi National Park, which was ravaged by bushfires in 2003 (21); but despite warnings from government officials, the Bushfire Royal Commissioner Implementation Monitor reported that there is still a great deal of apathy in Victoria in regards to the bushfire danger (22); and although a National Tree Day has been planned by Nillumbik Council, some residents of that town are protesting that 1,000 new tree plantings could increase the bushfire danger significantly (23). A bushfire near Alice Springs, Northern Territory, has burned nearly 50 km² in the outback (24); but the price on carbon credits is encouraging North Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance to practice traditional burning methods to reduce the bushfire danger (25); and although Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service is probably not conducting controlled burns to earn carbon credit, it sees the value in the practice reducing the bushfire danger (26). And finally, firefighters in Atlanta, Georgia, showed that you receive the darndest things during boot drives!

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