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Thursday, February 26, 2009


It seems that the mechanic who started the Esperanza Fire put his mechanical skills to use perfecting an arson device, as our first story shows today. A study from UC Berkeley has determined that, despite the devastation in Australia, the 'stay and defend' policy is still the best; but commentators were shaking their heads that it had taken a bill by the legislature to enact wildfire measures in Colorado communities. A small wildfire broke out near Palm Beach, Florida; and Mississippi Forest Commission and local firefighters had to scramble to contain a wildfire that torched a mobile home and threatened others. Oklahoma has a fair number of wildfires burning at the moment; and the air quality in Oklahoma due to those fires is abysmal. Australia is not the only place that's cooking - India is also suffering from record-breaking heat and attendant wildfires. As weather conditions deteriorate, firefighters are preparing for the worst in Victoria; and with over 6,000 claims tallied, insurers add up the cost of the bushfires. The head of the Royal Bushfire Commission has stated that he 'regrets that he wouldn't be there' if bushfires came to his door; while researchers are warning that the bushfires in Australia have unleashed massive amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere, further exacerbating Global Warming. A pair of teenage thieves has been charged with burglary of homes abandoned as bushfires advanced; and there may be more of such shenanigans because as temperatures passed the century mark, schools in Victoria state were closed. Despite concerns, there seems to be no actual overlap in duties on reconstruction in Victoria state; but there is a debate among people over whether to adopt a paid/call firefighter program, such as New South Wales has.

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