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Friday, September 04, 2009


Rick Halsey, of the San Diego Regional Fire Safety Forum passed along information about the upcoming memorial service for two LA County firefighters who died on the Station Fire, our first item in Wildfire News of the Day; followed by some background material, and a current update of preparations for the funerals. A look at the battles fought yesterday on the flanks of the Station Fire is provided by the next article; and the hunt is on for the arsonist who sparked the Station Fire, which has killed two firefighters, injured several others, and cost millions of dollars to fight. The art and science of back burns and control fires is examined in the next item; but as the next article tells, it's not just vegetation that's burning in the Angeles National Forest, it's also recreational camps. One of the side effects of wildfires, smoky air, has impacted grade school recesses across the LA area; but there are worse things than just smoky air to deal with, as the next article shows. The dark side of energy drinks for firefighters manning the fire lines in the Angeles National Forest is explored in the next item; followed by a story about the top killer of firefighters - heart attacks. Authorities are still getting a handle on reverse-911 phone calls, in some cases evacuating residents who didn't need to be; but with 4,700 firefighters manning the lines, a firefighter tent city has sprung up at Hansen Dam. A pair of CL-415 Super Scoopers made quick work of a small wildfire in Palos Verdes Peninsula yesterday. A behind-the-scenes look at the "airborne choreographer of the fire fight", a.k.a. the forest aviation officer, is provided next; followed by some video of the 747 Supertanker dropping on the Station Fire. It's been estimated that firefighters have used 1.7 million gallons of water and over 700,000 gallons of fire retardant on the Station fire; but the aging US Forest Service air fleet, and the damning inspector general's report, are revisited in article from the Washington Times. Quick work by firefighters quelled a blaze which brewed up in Cleveland National Forest overnight. California businesses have stepped into the breach to help Southern California residents impacted by the wildfires: Blue Shield has streamlined their processes; and UnitedHealth Group has made a sizable donation. Senator. Barbara Boxer has weighed in on the issue of vegetation clearance in areas at risk from wildfires; a new study by forestry researcher Tom Bonnicksen postulates that Global Warming is not causing increased wildfires, rather forest fires are spurring on Global Warming; but a blog entry from LA puts the onus for worsening wildfires squarely on the shoulders of Global Warming. Before the fire is even out, burn area emergency rehabilitators (BAER) in Utah are setting about protecting homeowners from mudslides; while a Kansas Forest Service Fire Training Specialist discusses the life of a wildland firefighter. A 1,200 acre wildfire in Montana has drawn the attention of firefighters on the ground with support from some heavy air-tankers overhead; and a wildland fire demonstration will be put on for state legislators in South Dakota in a few days (perhaps they should come to California where they can do a live fire exercise instead!) A letter to the editor of a British Columbia, Canada, newspaper praises firefighters on the ground and dismisses the value of heavy air tankers like the Martin Mars; even as high winds are keeping aircraft grounded while wildfires continue to burn in parts of that province. A trio of wildfires has broken out along Bulgaria's Black Sea coast. Hazard reduction burns in Queensland are the topic of the next item; but for a Queensland arsonist, 13 proved to be an unlucky number. And finally, there may not be anybody left to man the fire lines this weekend because UCLA is letting firefighters in to watch the game at the Rose Bowl for free!

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