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Monday, August 18, 2008


Quite a bit of wildfire news today, starting off with an article sent along by San Diego Regional Fire Safety Forum's Bill Hoffman from National Geographic. Next up, Montana fire managers are waiting nervously for the passage of what could be a lightning bust, while the next two stories relate lightning-caused wildfires in Oregon and Washington. Reno's wildfire claimed six homes, totaling up to $2 million in damages. An article from Oregon Public Broadcasting tells of rehabilitation work after a wildfire there, and the next two cite a study that asks how well wildfires control invasive species. Angeles National Forest had a small burn yesterday, while Santa Barbara firefighters are getting a handle on their lightning-caused complex. Two articles, one from Utah and one from Canada, review the California surcharge being discussed for those who choose to build in wildfire-prone areas. A wildfire in the Ochoco NF is causing firefighters headaches, and the following article accuses fire managers of doing just that, 'managing' a fire rather than extinguishing it outright. San Diego extinguished three small brushfires quickly, while the age-old debate over 'let it burn' prompted another article. An article once again discussing private firefighting companies is also provided for your review. And as if tiny Georgia didn't have enough problems with a Russian invasion, they also have forest fires to fight!

Under Fire

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Lightning sparks wildfires in Cascades, Olympics

6 homes destroyed in Reno brush fire; $2M damage

Fixing The Forest After A Wildfire

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Ferocious California fires kill off aliens

Brush fire scorches 250 acres in Angeles forest

Firefighters gaining control of the Santa Barbara County Lightning Complex wildfire

Pay to play - Building in disaster-prone areas should cost more

Flirting with disaster

Ochoco National Forest fire jumps to 5,500 acres Sunday

Oregon wilderness fire was being managed

Crews extinguish three small brush fires

Wildfires: Put them out or let them rage?

Private contractors take bigger role in firefighting

Georgian bushfires still burning

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