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Friday, August 07, 2009


Bettina Boxall, of the Los Angeles Times weighs in on the air pollution aspect of wildfires, based on a Harvard study, our first wildfire news item today; followed by an update on a wildfire in Southern California's Inland Empire that has been brought under control by firefighters. Providential rains have brought much-needed relief to firefighters battling blazes in Northern California; and as rainy weather helped to dampen fires around the state, Oregon is reopening a major highway. Nevada will be receiving some funds to help with wildfire abatement; but even with the assistance of some precipitation, wildfires in New Mexico are still expanding. Firefighters in Utah struggled to protect structures in the path of a 22,000 acre wildfire; while the next item from South Dakota shows that thunderstorms giveth (wildfires) and they taketh away. A contingent of firefighters from Kentucky is heading to California to help fight wildfires; and firefighters in Alaska were thankful for some much-needed rain, providing some help against the massive wildfires that have scourged that state; even as federal and tribal firefighters are heading to Alaska from Wisconsin and Delaware to help fight wildfires there, as told by the next two articles. The numbers are staggering: British Columbia has spent $138.6-million so far this season, far exceeding the budget of $62-million, to battle 2,332 wildfires that have burned 87,000 hectares (214,890 acres). An update on one of the larger wildfires burning in BC follows; while fire managers and power officials are keeping a close eye on wildfires as they near power lines. A look at the air-tankers battling blazes in British Columbia is provided by the next article; and one air-tanker contractor's entire senior staff is in the fight! Amid all the wildfire destruction, BC's forest industry has suffered a one-two punch, first from the economy, now from massive wildfires. An update on Ontario province's contribution to the wildfire fighting in British Columbia is provided by the next article; and fireys from New Zealand received an unexpected standing ovation at a BC airport as they arrived to relieve Canadian firefighters. Seven CL-215 and CL-415 aircraft aided firefighters battling blazes outside of Madrid in Spain (apologies to non-Spanish speakers, the translated version of this article can be found here). Regions of Indonesia are still ablaze, in part due to inadequate budgets for fighting wildfires; while firefighters in nearby Malaysia have made considerable progress on wildfires in that Asian nation. The Australian debate on creating defensible space around homes in Victoria is highlighted by the next article; even as red tape continues to slow the recovery in Victoria, where businesses are unable to collect bushfire relief funds due to government restrictions. Bushfire survivors are still picking up the pieces of their lives; and to help them along, bushfire relief funds, in the form of income support, have been extended another three months. Six months to the day after bushfires destroyed their home, one family has completed rebuilding it. Queensland firefighters are bracing for the worst, as prime bushfire weather descends on that state this weekend.

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