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Tuesday, March 05, 2013


Orange County Fire Authority quickly knocked down a suspicious wildfire burning in Southern California's Santa Ana riverbed (1); the next article chronicling the recovery of Chino Hills State Park, 90% of which was destroyed by a 2008 wildfire (2); the California Fire Science Consortium sending along their March newsletter (3); while Sequoia National Forest hand crews prepared for wildfires of the summer at Porterville Municipal Airport (4). A new flight data management system for firefighting helicopters will be unveiled at Heli Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, this week (5). The US House of Representatives has approved $48 million for 10 states dealing with wildfire damage, including Colorado (6); and a House Bill in the Utah Legislature addresses perceived shortfalls in US Forest Service stewardship which could lead to wildfires sparked by Al Qaeda terrorists (7). Fire officials in drought-stricken Southwest Oklahoma are preparing for the worst as warmer weather arrives (8). As wildfire season nears in Texas, Austin Fire Department's preparations are discussed in the next article (9); while a 175-acre wildfire burning in rugged terrain near Moody continued to challenge firefighters (10). Wildfire NOTD subscriber Dan Snyder, President of Montana-based Neptune Aviation, comments on the Secretary of Agriculture's proposed $134 million wildfire-related sequestration cuts in the next article (11); and residential wildfire safety was the topic at a meeting of Missouri's Ozark Firefighters Association (12). Wildfire NOTD subscriber Tyler Miller sent along an article about more controlled burns being conducted by New Jersey Forest Fire Service, this time in Middlesex County (13); but a fire chief died at the scene of a brush fire in Knotts Island, North Carolina (14). Florida Forest Service fire crews pronounced an 1,100-acre wildfire on the Flagler/Volusia County line 95% contained (15); but 41 wildfires in the northern part of the state have scorched over 2,400 acres (16). Two firefighters were injured by gunfire when they responded to dozens of wildfires in southern Chile (17). In the African nation of Ghana, the impact of bushfires on the shea nut business sector is examined by the next article (18); while Gambia observed its National Bushfire Day in the Lower River Region (19). A wildfire in India threatening Mumbai's Film City spread over a 15 km section of forest (20); and an ongoing drought in Rotorua, New Zealand, has prompted fire officials to put a firefighting helicopter on forest fire alert (21). As the massive class-action lawsuit over the Kilmore East bushfire gets underway in Victoria, Australia, some survivors reacted emotionally to video footage of the blaze (22); while SPI Electricity claims the equipment which sparked the deadly bushfire had been damaged by a lightning strike (23); even as bushfire ash is fouling water in the Ovens River, forcing residents of Wangaratta and Glenrowan to limit their water usage (24). The Tasmanian government will investigate the planning, prevention and communication aspects of the January bushfires (25). And finally, fish weren't the only thing cooking at the Rogersville, Alabama, fish fry!

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