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Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Los Angeles County Supervisors had to tack another $9 million onto the bill for cleaning up debris caused by the Station Fire in the wake of a very rainy season in Southern California, our first wildfire-related article today (1); followed by an announcement of the arrival of a BE-200 aircraft at Santa Maria airport for viewing by the public over the weekend (2); but time is running out to volunteer to be a fire lookout in the San Bernardino National Forest (3). Would-be firefighters are getting in shape for the upcoming fire season in Oregon's Snake River Valley (4); while air tankers pounced on a grassfire in Minnesota (5); and a wildfire that had closed a highway in Ohio has been contained (6). Homes were threatened by wildfires in Kentucky late yesterday (7); at a time when a burn ban has been instituted due to over 100 wildfires just since Friday (8). Tennessee Division of Forestry firefighters had a pair of wildfires to deal with yesterday (9); where power lines appear to be the culprit once again (10). Pennsylvania continues to bake, making for a worrisome time for wildland firefighters in the Keystone State (11); and firefighters battled a second wildfire on the outskirts of Boston, Massachusetts, yesterday (12). A Red Flag warning has been issued for the entire state of Connecticut today (13); while firefighters in New Jersey had a small wildfire to douse that was threatening an apartment building (14). Despite having 700 acres of swampland burn, the overseer of New York's Montezuma Wildlife Refuge declared it a good thing (15); but USFS and state firefighters reported two blazes in Virginia, which was definitely not a good thing (16). As rain dampened down raging wildfires in Western North Carolina, the next article takes a look at wildfire trends in that state (17); but the rains didn't quench all the wildfires, as summarized by the following two articles (18)(19). Dade County, Georgia, has already had 750 acres burned by wildfires so far this year, and the spring fire season is just beginning (20). One of the largest wildfires of the season so far burned to within 50 feet of homes in South Florida (21); and a wildfire in St. John's County burned several acres Tuesday afternoon (22). Fire season is getting an early start in parts of British Columbia, Canada, hammered by wildfires last year (23); followed by a comprehensive look at wildfires in the Caribbean nation of the Dominican Republic (where 77 have burned since the first of the year) (24). At least 56 regions in Russia are expected to have worse-than-average wildfires during the spring and summer of 2010, according to the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations (25). The ongoing compensation hearing before the Australia Capital Territory Supreme Court is in danger of foundering (26). Testimony before the Royal Bushfire Commission leaned towards changes in the 'Stay or Go' policy in current use in Victoria, which lags behind New South Wales in designating bushfire safe havens (27); this at a time when the Commission is calling into question Country Fire Authority's premise that their campaign counseling residents of Victoria to leave early in the event of a bushfire has been successful (28). The Premier voiced his support for the former Police Commissioner, accused of heading home for dinner as the Black Saturday catastrophe unfolded last year (29). As part of the post-Black Saturday rebuilding funds, another $5 million will be available to communities impacted by those bushfires (30); and to show their appreciation for donors' generosity, bushfire survivors put on a free concert! (31) And finally, echoing the premise that it's better to let sleeping dogs lie, the same can be said about wombats, as one Black Saturday survivor found out the hard way!

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