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Saturday, October 30, 2010


The 1,253-acre Bear Creek Fire, which has been burning on California's Vandenberg Air Force Base, is now 90% contained (1); while firefighters will continue a series of controlled burns in Arizona's Prescott National Forest next week (2). A comprehensive look at Boulder, Colorado's, latest wildfire is afforded by the next article (3); where the US Forest Service air attack base at Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport, which was in the process of deactivating its equipment due to the official end of the wildfire season, suddenly sprang back to life when the Boulder Dome Fire broke out (4); but for people who just went through the Fourmile Canyon Fire a few weeks ago, the Boulder Dome Fire is deja vu all over again (5). The next article takes a closer look at Michigan State University's Firewise program which aims to educate homeowners on wildfires (6); at a time when National Weather Service issued wildfire warnings for Dayton, Ohio, as dry, windy conditions prevailed (7). The Wrangler Fire, which has burned 4,363 acres in Louisiana's Kisatchie Hills Wilderness, is now 95% contained (8); while firefighters in Kentucky were battling a large number of wildfires, most of which had been deliberately set (9). All 67 counties in Alabama remain under a wildfire alert in a state where 787 wildfires have scorched 775 acres so far this month (10); and a wildfire burning in Virginia's George Washington National Forest that has burned 400 acres is considered 40% contained (11). A one-acre wildfire was reported near Asheville, North Carolina, today (12); even as Florida continues to suffer through a dry spell, causing officials to warn residents of Tallahassee to be on their guard for wildfires (13); like a 15-acre blaze firefighters tackled in Volusia County yesterday (14). The bushfire threat in Dongara, Western Australia, has been reduced for now (15). And finally, in a bizarre twist, Arizona-based Marsh Aviation, a company whose heritage includes retrofitting World War II bombers to fight wildfires for USFS, has landed in the middle of a criminal indictment for illegally selling parts to Venezuela!

(1) Vandenberg AFB wildfire nearly contained

(2) Forest service plans intentional burns next week

(3) Evacuation Order Lifted For Residents

(4) Broomfield tanker base jumps into action Friday to fight Dome Fire

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(16) Aviation executive indicted in plot

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