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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Wildfire News Of The Day subscriber Caroline Brown, Public Relations Chairperson for Southern California-based Sierra Madre Fire Safe Council, sent along a YouTube video and petition link which aims to prevent the clear-cutting of some native vegetation as another legacy of the Station Fire, in this case, debris flows, comes home to roost (1). The Ashland, Oregon, Fire Chief recommended to city council members that they include more homes in areas required to clear out vegetation for defensible space in light of this summer's destructive wildfire (2); while in Arizona, Coronado National Forest fire officials are allowing a mine shaft fire to burn itself out due to a lack of vegetation nearby (3). Plans to treat 50,000 acres of forest in Pitkin County, Colorado, were discussed at a meeting last night (4); a topic which will also be discussed at a state senator's request on Friday (5). A burn ban which has been in effect since early December in Burnet County, Texas, has been lifted (6); while the Army Corps of Engineers will be conducting controlled burns throughout Greers Ferry Lake Park in Arkansas (7). A nature preserve near Lithia, Florida, has reopened following a wildfire (8); and as part of the development of a wildfire plan for Martin County, Florida Division of Forestry is putting on a program to inform homeowners of how to create a Firewise community (9); but the National Weather Service has issued a wildfire warning for Lee County (10). NOAA identified 2010 as one of the hottest years in history since recordkeeping began in 1880 (11); which is not good news for the National Park Service which feels that climate change is "the greatest threat to the integrity of our national parks that we have ever experienced." (12) Canada's forest fires in Québec late last spring increased aerial particles over 1,000 miles away in New York State 18-fold, according to a new study (13). The Federal Forestry Agency of the Russian Federation will be working with Hughes Network Systems and Tomsk Polytechnical University to utilize a network of satellites for early detection of wildfires through the vastness of Russia (14). More details on Israel's new aerial firefighting force is provided in the next article, in which the Canadian Defence Minister also mentions speaking to the Palestinian Authority and Jordan (15); even as an Eastern Mediterranean regional firefighting force comes closer to reality after Greece and Israel signed an agreement to partner in dealing with natural disasters (16). Farmers in the African nation of Ghana received some pointers on preventing bushfires (17). The controversial practice of allowing cattle to graze in Victoria, Australia's, Alpine National Park in order to reduce the bushfire danger is examined by the next article (18); while police in Queensland will now be able to "compel an evacuation in certain circumstances" of residents in the path of natural disasters, such as bushfires (19). Photos of the devastation caused by a bushfire south of Perth, Western Australia, is provided by the next item (20); where police gave homeowners a tour of bushfire-devastated suburbs (21); some evacuees being allowed to return home (22); while uninsured homeowners were looking into government funding to help with everyday living expenses (23); this at a time when another wildfire was reported near Margaret River (24). And finally, one bushfire survivor was no doubt wagging his tail after being found by firefighters!

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