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Monday, April 20, 2009


In wildfire news today, Los Angeles City Fire Department is fighting a wildfire of a different sort: outrage over what taxpayer advocates perceive as excessive amounts of overtime pay; followed by a story about how firefighters in Mission Viejo, California, had to employ a helicopter to help corral a small wildfire that burned six homes on Sunday. Downed power line sparked a few small wildfires that injured two in Wildomar,California, this weekend; and burned some acreage up in Big Sur, as well. Firewise communities in Arizona are highlighted in the next item; while Wisconsin and Minnesota are enjoying cooler, wetter weather, helping to relieve the fire danger, but residents are being warned that it won't last. The Michigan state fire marshal is looking into a wildfire that may have been sparked by illegal debris burning; but the Maine Forest Service is following in the footsteps of several other states by employing Civil Air Patrol units to keep an eye in the sky during fire season. A pair of New Jersey boys were arrested for starting a wildfire while playing with matches; contributing to the rash of wildfires in New Jersey as Red Flag conditions continue in that state. Firefighters in New York State are conducting controlled burns and taking other preventative measures in preparation for fire season; while the brief respite from the rain has evaporated and wildfires begin breaking out again in Florida, as recounted by the following three stories. Ontario, Canada, is gearing up for fire season, both units on the ground and their fleet of CL-415 aircraft; but a forest fire was inadvertently started during a military training exercise in Sussex, England. Wildfires were cropping up in a forested region of India's Punjab and elsewhere as temperatures soared, related by the following two articles. In a bit of a turnabout, Australian authorities are considering San Diego, California's, mass evacuation policy during the 2007 wildfires as an alternative to 'Stay and Defend', which is surprising in light of the fact that many evacuees in San Diego considered Australia's 'Stay and Defend' policy after the 2007 fires destroyed unoccupied homes that might have been saved had homeowners been present to extinguish embers. Highlighting the speed and ferocity of the Black Saturday bushfires, witnesses and authorities are providing more testimony to the royal commission; while police pursuing a suspected arsonist want to talk to two women who reported a deadly bushfire on Black Saturday. A detailed look at the dialogue following investigation of the Black Saturday bushfires is provided in an article from The Australian. And finally, firefighters in India are employing a firefighting motorcycle to get past traffic ahead of larger fire engines, something that could prove useful for bypassing residents fleeing wildfires in isolated rural areas where a community is serviced by only one road.

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